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reviewsRevelation Music and The Lyfe Magazine

The Lyfe Magazine’s music review department has branched out and created their own business called, “Revelation Music LLC”. Revelation Music will continue to be the primary source for writing The Lyfe Magazine’s music reviews and music related articles.

Revelation Music’s Mission

At Revelation Music we strive to provide the highest quality reviews of singles, albums, music equipment and music artist.

Revelation Music’s Vision

At Revelation Music our vision is to be the leader in reviewing music. We will review any genre of music. We want known to give our clients a fair and truthful opinion of their music.

Revelation Music LLC

Revelation Music, LLC was started in January of 2017 as an integral part of The Lyfe Magazine. As a part of The Lyfe Magazine, Revelation Music provided music reviews and music related content for the magazine.

In July of 2017, Revelation Music branched off and formed its own company while still providing quality reviews and content for The Lyfe Magazine.

Revelation Music’s staff of musicians and singers provide over 100 years of experience in the music industry. We are experience in reviewing all types of music and musical equipment. Our staff include musicians who have experience teaching music theory to students, musicians and band or choir members. They also have over 40 years of live playing experience.

Revelation Music reviews any type of music. They also accepted song request on their site. Local artist can easily upload their song to the site and have it reviewed. Song request are also accepted on the site.

Not Just A Review Site

Revelation Music writes news stories related to music. If you have a story on a musician or singer contact Revelation Music.

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