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LeToya Luckett – Back 2 Life

LeToya Luckett – Back 2 Life

letoya luckettDon’t sleep on LeToya Luckett. She’s a singer, songwriter, and an actress.  A former member of the R&B female group, Destiny’s Child, she recently released her third solo album titled Back 2 Life, which could not be more fitting. It has been seven years since her last album.

Lived and Loved

After listening to the tracks, it is clear that Ms. Luckett has lived and loved through some heart wrenching experiences.  The thirteen-track album takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, that LeToya candidly admits reflect some real relationship issues she’s experienced.  You can hear the pain, love, and sensuality throughout the entire album.

Back 2 Life

The debut single, Back 2 Life, is one of my favorites. The lyrics are deep and the catchy hook resembles the 80’s single Back to Life, by the UK group Soul II Soul. Though sung in a slightly different version by LeToya, adding the lines do wonders for the song.  The only thing I was a bit disappointed about was the explicit language used in the beginning of the song.  There is no warning label on the cover advising of explicit language, so I was not anticipating what I heard.

There are a few other songs like Middle and Higher, whose lyrics are racy as well, but hey, it’s her story!  Just don’t play these songs around the kiddos!

Safe Tracks

There are other “safe” tracks that demand playing on repeat.  I’m Ready, Used To, Grey (featuring Ludacris), In the Name, My Love, and Loving You, will make you bob your head and have you singing along.  They all have a very smooth and mellow R&B sound and the beats on each song are banging.


Weekend is the tenth track on the album and I have to hand it to LeToya. This song can almost serve as an equality song—Just kidding!

Weekend has a unique sound and I would say daring lyrics.  It puts a twist on what women “normally” would consider insulting and men consider common…well at least from what I have witnessed.  It’s worth the listen.

Just Okay

There were only three songs I would consider just “okay.”  Show Me is an upbeat song that sounds like something you would play at a backyard barbeque or skate to at the roller rink.

Worlds Apart and Disconnected slow things down a bit and speak to the real side of relationships gone wrong.  You can definitely hear LeToya’s vocals in Worlds Apart and it features a nice violin piece.  Disconnected is a song you can relate to.


I would give this album an 8 out of 10. I believe its content is designed to pull at the heart strings of listeners, but mostly reflect a different, yet real side of Ms. LeToya Luckett. I would venture to say that if you have ever experienced any hurt, survived any lost, and loved again, this album is for you.  Consider it therapy!