Lyfe and Peace Come Together to Spread Positive Media


The Lyfe Magazine and the Peace in the Morning Show with Darius A. Stanton have joined forces to help spread positive media across the world.

White Plains, Maryland, March 11, 2021

On March 8, 2021, members of The Lyfe Magazine finalized a deal to become partners with the Peace in the Morning Show. This partnership is built on the two media companies’ desire to spread positive media far and wide.

Darius A. Stanton (Peace in the Morning Show) defined positive media as, “Planting seeds of hope that bloom flowers of good.”

The Lyfe Magazine and the Peace in the Morning Show have built their platforms on spreading uplifting, motivational and informative news stories to the public. In November of 2016, The Lyfe Magazine was purchased by Lyfe Publishing, LLC. Since that purchase and the release of their first issue in January of 2017, The Lyfe Magazine has reported stories that move and inspire their audience.

In 2020, Stanton and Gerald C. Anderson, Sr. (Managing Partner of The Lyfe Magazine) met and talks that would lead to the eventual partnership began. Anderson realized from the beginning that the direction of the Peace in the Morning Show made it a natural partner for their print media.

“Teaming with a powerful broadcast media giant like Peace in the Morning gives us the capability to spread positive media to a wider audience. Our combined avenues will allow us to touch more people and provide motivation and inspiration on a grander scale”, said Anderson.

Stanton said, “This partnership will benefit both media companies but will ultimately benefit our entire community. Being able to reach audiences through print and broadcast media closes the loop to the process of reaching people wherever they are today.”

This tandem of media companies is prepared to raise the bar in 2021 and forward. Stanton said, “The partnership of The Lyfe Magazine and Peace in the Morning Show is like a bridge over troubled water. We are forming a partnership to show people of all ages the prosperity in taking the high road! Partner with us as we demonstrate how it pays to be good to people!”

Name of Press Contact: Gerald C. Anderson, Sr.

Phone: (240) 776-5686

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