Whole Body Health Practices That Will Change Your Life

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Just A Thought Book Review

Whole Body Health Practices That Will Change Your Life, is a delectable dish of treats for anyone who is looking to change the way they think, live and eat. Author Susanna K. Green gives the reader a glimpse into the past, present and future.   

“Everything that you eat or drink is either fighting disease or feeding it.”  

As children, we were often told to eat our vegetables, get plenty of rest, and go outside to play. Some of us have spent a lifetime trying to come to terms or even peace with our love of food. We didn’t realize that what we ate and how we lived in our twenties and thirties would come back to haunt us in the form of health challenges. In this entrée, Susanna K. Green dishes up healthy eating, exercising, meditation and all sorts of hors d’oeuvres to get anyone who is willing, back to healthy living by taking it one step at a time. Not only does she serve up different eating styles and beverage choices, she also encourages the reader to look beyond eating. What are some things that trigger eating? Are you depressed, lonely, sad, mad. or, just plain ole bored?


Whole Body Health Practices That Will Change Your Life tends to help you become more conscious of everything that you eat, whether it is good or bad. It opens our eyes and helps us realize, we have to have a bond with our mind and body in order to get a grip on the way we yield to food. Before indulging in this treat, you have to do one thingcommit to self-care and understand why we turn to food. If you still don’t understand, then look behind you. What are you carrying? Has your six pack turned into a twelve pack?  Has your love handles become very easy to hold on to? In this easy read, it helps you not only to eat healthy but also helps you fight disease. What are you waiting for?