Self-Care for a Successful New Year

(Family Features) Resolving to commit to better self-care can happen any time of the year, but there’s something about the calendar flipping to a new year that signals a fresh start. It’s the perfect starting point for new habits and a new approach to protecting your overall wellness.

Self-care takes many forms. Maintaining a well-balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise are some ways to promote your physical health. So is taking good care of your body’s largest organ: your skin. When it comes to mental health, getting organized is a surprisingly effective way to manage stress and keep your goals on track so you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Start working toward a new year where your wellness is front and center with these ideas for simplifying and personalizing your journey. Look for more lifestyle advice and helpful wellness tips at

Prepare for Healthier Eating Habits

Portion control is a common challenge when you kick off a healthier eating plan. One way to keep your meals on the modest side is preparing them ahead of time. Meal prep containers make it easy to have freshly prepared foods in moderate portions ready whenever you’re ready to eat. Look for compartments that let you enjoy a main dish and at least one side, and be sure the containers seal tightly to keep food fresh and prevent leaks.


Add Whole Grains with Ease and Convenience

Eating whole grains has never been this easy or tasty. Convenient and ready in just 10 minutes, Minute Rice’s Instant Brown Rice and Rice & Quinoa are must-haves for busy families. For those in need of an o

n-the-go option, Minute Rice Cups, including Brown Rice, Brown & Wild Rice, Brown Rice & Quinoa, Multi-Grain Medley and Jasmine Rice & Red Quinoa, are ready in just 60 seconds. Start the year off right and discover more time-saving solutions at

Put Your Best Foot Forward

If stepping up your fitness game is part of your plan for 2024, be sure to start on the right foot with the right footwear for the job. Runners in particular should be conscious of quality shoes. Look for ample cushion, comfortable ankle support, overall quality construction and a snug fit that gives your toes some wiggle room. Even slight variations can affect your comfort, so trying on different options is likely your best path toward finding the perfect fit.

Introduce Weights for Your Workout

Whether you’ve hit a plateau or you’re just bored with your workout, adding dumbbells can introduce a whole new dimension by helping build muscle and burn more fat. Rotating muscle groups lets you give your muscles a chance to recover between workouts. The options are nearly endless, so think about how you’ll use them, where you’ll store them, whether shape or color matters and how much you want to spend.

Make Skin Care a Personal Priority

Your skin tells an important story about your overall health. Protecting it from harsh elements and sun damage can help ensure your skin stays supple and strong, providing the barrier it’s meant to as it protects the rest of your body. Even seemingly minor irritations like dry skin can be problematic as scratching or cracking can lead to wounds and infection. Rely on a regular moisturizer and be conscious of applying sunscreen whenever you’ll be outdoors.

Plan for Success in the New Year

Give yourself a boost toward tackling this year’s goals by getting organized. A planner can help you keep important information at your fingertips while making it easy to keep tabs on appointments, deadlines and more. You can even track progress against new habits or journal your way toward a heathier diet. Some people prefer physical planners they can write in and update manually while others find a digital version in a smart device is more convenient.

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