The Lyfe Magazine featuring Casey Reanna

The Lyfe Magazine digital issues are interactive and include content not released anywhere else. Additional sections will be added to the digital version each month.

This month’s issue features Casey Reanna. Casey is an unstoppable musical and artist force. You will delight in her music but most of all you will feel motivated and inspired. Her songs will touch your soul.

casey reannaAlso included is:

Beryl Brackett’s “Just A Thought” book review on Gerald C. Anderson, Sr., long awaited sequel to “Standing Firm”, “Saved (LaJuan Craig: Assassin or Saint)”;

Freelance writer Fredrick Beaty’s “A Road Less Travel” is a article you definitely have to read. If you decide to read this article make sure you have some tissue available;

Shawn-Ta Wilson provides some thoughts in her family article, “Season: Don’t Miss Yours.” This article will enlighten and inform you on the seasons of your life;

Is your skin ready for winter? This is the question Angie Lynetta answers for you in her monthly beauty article, “Beauty: Is Your Skin Ready For Winter?”;

Our monthly Black History focus is on athlete Althea Gibson.