Marlon Boone – Reaching As Many Ears As He Can

Marlon Boone – Reaching As Many Ears As He Can

I’ve had the privilege of interviewing an extraordinary and talented saxophonist. I like to say this instrumentalist gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, and light to the imagination. Mr. Marlon Boone is clear evidence that music is the safest kind of high.

Marlon was born on May 9th in Pahokee, Florida to his wonderful parents Mack and Josie Boone. He attended Bethune-Cookman University and Florida State University. Marlon has opened and performed on many stages with various industry greatest such as Pieces of a Dream, saxophonists Kim Waters, Will Donato, Elan Troutman, Pamela Williams, Dee Lucus, recording artist Howard Hewitt and Tank, smooth jazz trumpeter Joey Summerville, and many others.

The Lyfe: Hello Mr. Boone or can I call you Marlon?

Marlon: Marlon is fine. How are you?

The Lyfe:: I’m great. Thank you.  Tell me, how did you get started playing the saxophone?

Marlon: My father played saxophone and had retired from performing, and his horns sat in my closet. I would always take them out and try to play them. He noticed that I had taken an interest and began to teach me how to read music and gave me a clarinet at age 9.

The Lyfe: And you’re 29 now, right?

Marlon: No.

The Lyfe: You carry your age very well.

Marlon: Thank you.

The Lyfe: So you’ve been reading music since the age of 9?

Marlon: Yes.

The Lyfe: Impressive! Your first instrument was the clarinet?

Marlon: Yes.

The Lyfe: When did you start playing the saxophone?

Marlon: Entering middle school at age 10, I switched to saxophone due to getting teased for playing the clarinet, which my peers considered a girl’s instrument. I have been playing saxophone ever since.

The Lyfe:: Sorry you were teased but, yeah, I guess it was considered a girl instrument because I played the clarinet.

Marlon: I can see that.

The Lyfe:: What recent project or projects have you been involved in?

Marlon: During my trip to South Korea, I got the pleasure to go into studio and record with Korean composer Soon Jung Cho and other artists. I’m currently working on my own project.

The Lyfe:: Wow, that’s pretty exciting. Will you have some of your original music featured on this project?

Marlon: Yes, and it’s my first EP. It’s due to be released in late 2018.

The Lyfe:: Was this your first time visiting Korea?

Marlon: Yes, it was and I really enjoyed it.

The Lyfe:: What did you enjoy most?

Marlon: The culture.

The Lyfe:: What about the culture?

Marlon: They eat a lot. Just about everything is based around food, and cuisine is largely based on rice, vegetables, and meats.

The Lyfe:: What was your favorite dish?

Marlon: Kimchi. It’s pungent, spicy, and sour. Koreans love it and eat it with every meal. Usually on the side. My favorite drink was the soju.

The Lyfe:: Now you’re talking my language. What did you like about soju?

Marlon: I’ll bring you some next time. Korea is a drinking culture and their national booze is soju, a clear vodka-like drink that is only drunk out of shot glasses and is always served with food.

The Lyfe:: I think I need to visit.

Marlon: You would love it.

The Lyfe:: Yes, I would. When will you be going back?

Marlon: I’m going back next year.

The Lyfe:: Where do you feel you are now in your life?

Marlon: I’m at a place in life of contentment with my music career. I would still like to release an album and continue traveling to new places, performing in front of larger audiences at major festivals.

The Lyfe: So am I hearing that you’re wanting to fulfill your passion’s purpose?

Marlon: Yes, it’s no longer about stardom. I get joy out of performing and seeing my music impact and change someone’s life. Music is so powerful and I just want to reach as many ears as I can.

The Lyfe: “To reach as many ears as I can.” Wow, there is a very powerful feeling to that statement. I think that should be a tagline or something. I love it. Nice! You’re an amazing instrumentalist and human being I see.

Marlon: Thank you.

The Lyfe: Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to feature you in our magazine. Also, we humbly appreciate you for choosing The Lyfe Magazine to be the exclusive magazine to cover you and the uprising of your music career.

Marlon: It’s my pleasure and I prefer the best.

The Lyfe: And that we are.

Marlon: Absolutely.

The Lyfe: So, what’s next for you Marlon?

Marlon: I’m the featured performer in St. Petersburg, Florida, for Encore Vision: A Tribute to Luther Vandross, featuring Danny Clay, on August 4, 2018. Then, it’s off to Birmingham, Alabama, for Soulful Jazz Fest: A Tribute to Gladys Knight, featuring Mahogany Seoul, on August 17, 2018. Then to Sarasota, Florida, for the Jazz Festival on September 15, 2018.

The Lyfe: Excellent. I can’t wait and thank you again for your time.

Marlon: Anytime.

Marlon Boone is a signed endorsing artist for Kim’s Korea Saxophones, Theo Wanne Mouthpieces, Légere Reeds, Silverstein Ligatures, Bari Woodwinds, and DG Neck Straps.

Twitter: @MarloOnSax
Instagram: @marlonbsax