Something is Rotten in America

If He can make the birds to fly,

then He can surely make my spirit to sing.

Providing me with melodies from heaven’s mountaintops,

where I can hear “freedom ring!”

If He can lay His son to die, then rise Him up again,

cleaning off our slate of sin and forgiving us for them.

If He can love us nonetheless, despite the foulness of our mouths,

speaking words that have no life yet feed a sinner’s doubt.

Then who are we to ever question, who He is and how He dares?!

When in our hands we hold the power to make deaf the sounding snares!

We can activate His grace, that will grant us a seat to feast

and honor our ways,

should those ways be a life of love, a love of the only way.

A love of the truth and the one who made His son to pay.

Enabling his favor, keeping us at the table, where we dare to eat from as if a right!

We need to recognize this grand gesture as a love that judges not, in spite…

(of our inability to love Him back!)

We have blood on our hands,

still kissing our manifestation that insists it’s OUR story to tell.

Robbed from the anchorage of our bosom

causing fish to smell

as the death of us wash up on the shores of hell!

Something is rotten in America!

It reeks of arrogance and self-interest!

Oh how did we get in this…???

How many LIKES do you see on my feed?

How many people are following ME?

I love you!

I’m angry!

I’m shedding a tear!

Now, I’m streaming LIVE so you don’t have to be near!

America, perhaps you forgot how wide He was stretched?!

How they whipped Him to the bone and through the bloody flesh.

And even in the last and final hour of His death,

he asked God to forgive them and give his brothers breath.

Here we are in a country that thrives on wealth beyond its need,

yet our brothers and sisters are dying right beneath our feet.

In our arms, they are getting slayed.

We sit around and talk about it for a few days.

We change our profile pics to say, we’re tired of it all

and no more lives need to fall,

hashing out our anger writing tags on our walls!

Taking to the streets, voicing protests, singing disapproval of the state of affairs, feelings of hopelessness rise because it seems like America doesn’t care!

Well, let us core this apple that started the sin.

Something is Rotten in America, and it’s rotten from within!