Unimaginable Dreams

You do not believe in your dreams. Can you define a dream? “A” dream is a series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in “a” person’s mind or simply put, “a” vision.question

Now “a” is singular, meaning one person, not multiple. Just because someone refuses to engage in your dreams, it does not mean you give that person permission to restrict you from accomplishing what you desire. It is your dream anyhow. Their intentions may nourish or destroy what your heart exalts. Imagine their intentions were to destroy that precious dream of yours, would you allow that to happen?

Advice from others may indeed help. Take note of the advice and direct it towards a greater origin. Never shall this advice define the way you perceive your dreams. Only a person with half a heart believes that others will fill the spaces within their chest. Once you come to grips with your dreams, begin to share them with others. A dream kept secret stays a dream. The goal is to manifest this dream into reality.

Imagine if you were a kid again, playing with a buildable toy. You’re nearly done and another kid takes the last couple of pieces away from you. You’re now upset and crying about the whole situation. Now imagine this toy completed is a beautiful world. Everything in this world is fantastic. Meaning the toy not completed is a world missing unimaginable dreams. Things are good but could be a lot better. This is how it is when we as human beings don’t contribute but just take from the world.

Your unimaginable dreams would complete the world as a whole. Will you be that kid that just takes from the world or the kid that builds it? It is either you fully commit to contribute or give nothing at all. Most people decide to give nothing at all!

The world responds “you will complete this journey by fulfilling your dreams, what are you waiting for”? Most people wish for change yet does nothing about it because of their habits and fears. Build that piece of the world, take back the pieces only you were given, and you’ll find that this world needs you and your dream more than ever!

Dreams come a dime a dozen. Let someone else’s dream interfere and you have no dreams. Your dreams are the only factor implemented when it comes down to your life. No one else’s!  Also, when they cannot see you behind closed doors, they assume you are not doing enough just because their vision isn’t yours. You’ll never do enough based on the sight of others blocksbecause no one can dream in the same way you can dream.

Others assume ignorant thoughts instead of having faith that your dream is possible. For what it’s worth, an assumption is a false judgment. Imagine you were putting in massive effort towards something your heart was set on. A close friend has a true opinion about what you are doing and says, “You should check out what I’m doing because what you are doing is not getting what you want”.

Did this friend even consider that the process means more than the product? In the process of creating your dream, it will seem to you and others that dreams are to much to sacrifice. Ever told yourself something in between the lines of, “If there are no results, why continue to give all my energy to something that will last an eternity”? Self-doubt only magnifies all the doubt around you.

Doubt is against your dreams, and right when you decide to create, doubt’s mission is to sabotage each creation. Doubt hovers over all the dreams you have. Will doubt sabotage your dreams? No, you are in control of the life you live, either the dream is fulfilled or only imagined. Doubt temporarily blinds you from the dreams you desire, which will magnify self-sabotage.

Knowing that this is just a temporary blind spot in your life, will you open up and shy away because of fear or open up and face what blinded you. If you are productive behind closed doors and do not allow doubt to sabotage your dreams, the vision crafted will increase and the doubt around you will decrease.  Once you accomplish your dreams, the dream killers will feel exposed and convicted for doubting you. Knowing that when you lost sight of your dreams, you held a strong will in the process thereby exceeding all perceived limitations from others, sticking to your standards and believing that your dream is possible, will surely make your dreams come true.  Just know as you reach into your dreams, sharp edges and opposition will be waiting for you.  Are your dreams someone else’s? No, It’s all yours!