Ransom CBS New Television Show

Excitement in the Air

I was truly excited to watch the first episode of the CBS new show Ransom.  I set my DVR just to make sure I didn’t miss it.  In hindsight I wish I had forgotten about it.

Plot Summary

Ransom is inspired by the professional experiences of crisis negotiator Laurent Combalbert who with his partner, Marwan Mery, are among the top negotiators in the world. Together, they travel around the globe to help multinational corporations and governmental agencies with complex negotiations and conflict resolution.

My Time Could Have Been Used Better

The show started dry.  I thought it would get better but when I realized when I was on my iPad playing Two Dots that it wasn’t going to get better.

Hard as I tried to find something I liked about this show I couldn’t.  Nothing appealed.  I wasn’t impressed with any of the actors or the plot.  The story idea is good but the presentation needs significant changes and some spice.

Rating: 1/5