The Power of Manifesting through Visualization

The Power of Manifesting through Visualization

What Story Does Your Life Tell?

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to easily manifest their desires and others, not so much? You may be surprised to know, the power lies within you. It’s right there in your mind and has been, all of your life. It’s just waiting for you to tap into it. There is a lot to discover within your mind, so explore it. Get into the habit of visualizing, every day. The more you practice, the better you’ll become. Your initial attempt, may strike you as awkward, but don’t give up. Keep trying. Start small.  


Start Small

Envision something insignificant, like a cup of coffee or something comparable. Imagine yourself sitting in a beautiful park, drinking your delicious drink of choice. Really allow yourself to taste the full flavors. Smell the French vanilla aroma and feel the moist steam on the tip of your nose as you raise a white mug that reads, Good Morning, in big, bold font, up to your face. Be sure to use all of your senses. This is a great place to start for beginners.         

Imagine Greater

If you are more experienced with visualization, try for something greater. You can dream as big as you want. There is nothing too expensive or far-fetched for you to manifest. If you are sick, imagine yourself well. If you want to spend more time with your grandchildren, imagine sitting on the couch together, eating popcorn and watching movies. 

Follow These Steps

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Take three big belly breaths. Let’s assume you want a 3-story, Victorian home with a pool in the backyard. Close your eyes and see yourself in the kitchen, cooking your famous spinach lasagna. Imagine your children swimming in the pool as you watch them through the single hung, stained glass window, draped with white lace valances. Continue looking out the window. Gaze at your garden, where you’re awaiting those ripe, bright red, juicy tomatoes to bloom. Make your way through the house. Notice every detail, from the size of the rooms to the amenities to the décor. Do you have two lamps on both sides of the bed? What color are they? Are they sitting atop nightstands or are they Floor Lamps?    


Be present and stay there for a while. If you get distracted and your mind starts to wander, acknowledge those thoughts and then gently bring your mind back into focus. Keep at it, until you get a breakthrough. When it comes to getting what you want from the creator, you must put actions behind your faith. You could make a vision board or write in a journal the things you desire, but, remember to be specific. For best results, you should always vibrate at your highest frequency. Do this by feeling grateful for everything.

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Visualization should not be difficult. It should be effortless and simple. Your life mimics the story of your thoughts, so, fill your mind full of wonderful thoughts, as you create the story of your life.

Love and Light,


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