Women’s History Month Focus – Renata M. Smith

Women’s History Month Focus – Renata M. Smith

The Lyfe Magazine will be celebrating Women’s History Month in a very special way this year. Each week of this month we will feature one of our female Board of Directors. Each of these women are making history now that will be recognized for years to come.

We believe you will not only enjoy reading their stories but be inspired as well.

This week, let us introduce you to Renata M. Smith.

2015 brought several good things into my life. One of which involved the release of my bestselling novel, Standing Firm (One Family’s Fight Against Domestic Violence). I had the opportunity to meet some good people in the project. One of them was Renata.

Renata is an actress, published model and a member of the Board of Directors for The Lyfe Magazine.

She was born to Oscar Glen and Allison Smith, and is originally from Guyana, South America. Her family moved to America when she was one year old. She was raised by her mother in Brooklyn, New York with several of her family members living with them. Renata’s grandparents, aunts and uncles were instrumental in helping her mom. Her mother has a firm belief in Christ and she passed that belief to Renata who grew to love God and established relationship with Him in her adulthood.

Renata’s education was very important to her. She received an award for The National Honors Society and graduated with honors from Robinson High School in Tampa, Florida. In high school, she was a part of the Drama Club where she received an award for Superior Duet Acting “Hard Candy”. Unbeknownst to her, this would lead her the path of becoming an actress.

At the age of 14, while returning from a Christian youth camp, Renata gave her life to Jesus Christ. The youth camp experience opened her heart and mind to Christ. “I know the Holy Spirt was moving through me in each moment. It was an overwhelming energy but felt so beautiful.”As a teen she served in her youth department in choir, bells, and worship sign language.

Renata attends Revealing Truth Ministries (RTM) and loves to serve in the Creative Arts Department. “When I moved back to Tampa, I wanted to find a church where God would lead me, and I can impact others. I believe God called me to RTM to be a leader.” Renata currently serves in the S.E.T Drama Ministry where she ministers through acting, spoken word, creative movement and directing. She also serves in the Audio/Visual Department for online, live streaming. Renata says, “I love serving more than anything. There is a sense of peace and love when you are serving the Kingdom. I literally feel overjoyed when it’s time to go to church and serve.”

Over the years, Renata has achieved many accomplishments as a model and actress. She has performed in plays, web series and films. She is a published cover model and starred in the role of Raine Davis in film version of my novel, “Standing Firm”. The movie has over half a million views on YouTube.

Renata is a talented actress and she recently premiered in the movie, “The Assumption” which will be coming to Amazon Prime soon. I have also watched several YouTube skits produced by 12 AM Productions starring Renata.

In a conversation with Renata I discovered there are many women who have influenced her to become the woman she is today. From her grandmother who prayed everyday for her, to her mother who nurtured and strengthened her, and her aunts and cousins who encouraged, loved, and held her accountable to accomplish her goals.

She specifically mentioned Pastor Deborah Powe of RTM, who Renata says, “Exudes grace and elegance.” Renata continued to say, “When I hear her preach or just talk in conversation, she provides you with an understanding of your self-worth.”

“There are many beautiful women in my life who have been through different things, and each one I have learned and grown from. I thank these women for pouring into me, guiding me, trusting me with deep secrets only to know that I can do the same with them.”

Renata would like to one day have a family where she can share moments of love and laughter in a beautiful home. Traveling from different cities and countries creating memories and building a legacy along the way. “The beauty of being a woman is walking into a room and acquiring attention through a presence of humility and grace.”

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