Leslie Saint-Julien: I Can Do All Things

Leslie Saint-JulienHow I Met Leslie

In 2015, I released, ‘Standing Firm’ in Washington DC. I made a very wise decision in selecting a beautiful, young lady to perform her poetry for my guests at the release. She was charismatic, energetic, powerful and awesome. Her poem continues to stick out in my mind as well as the minds of all those who attended the event. Even today, people still talk about her and the powerful performance she gave.

Meet Leslie

Leslie Saint-Julien is a poet, dancer, author and actor. But most of all she is a highly favored Christian woman. Born in Brooklyn, New York she began her stage career at the tender age of six years old. Her first performance was in front of 3,000 people at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Fearless and with perfection she danced her heart out and at the end of the performance she knew being on stage was her destiny.

Leslie continued her dance career into college at the University of Maryland where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology & Criminal Justice. During her time in college she added modern and West-African dance techniques to her skill set. She also began her creative writing education in college. It was during this time in her life that she was introduced to performance poetry, otherwise known as ‘spoken word’.

She Fell in Love

Leslie immediately fell in love with the expressive style of the spoken word. Coupled with her Leslie Saint-Julienlove for being on stage, it wasn’t long before she added this to her repertoire and began performing.

In college she presented and performed her first spoken word entitled, ‘Invisible Man’ on a Baltimore stage. Since then, she has performed this style all over the Washington DC metro area. Leslie says, “I’m always ready to deliver poetry from my heart and soul! I don’t need a microphone!” I am a living witness to this fact. From the moment she spoke the first word, I was captivated. I looked around the room and so was everyone else!

Published Author

In 2013, Leslie published her first collection of poems entitled, “More Than Me”. In 2015, she added to the collection and it is available anywhere books are sold. When asked about the collection, Leslie answered, “I handpicked some of my favorite most intimate poetry, thoughts and songs that I had written over my years of writing and bound them into this book.”

She is never one to stop. In 2015, Leslie decided to publish a collection of rhythmic poetry for children and parents to read together called Brooklyn Stew! “I decided to identify with the root of my love for poetry which began long before that college course in my junior year. I was exposed to poetry in elementary school while reading Dr. Seuss collections. But the one book that really stuck with me, of which I keep a copy of today, was ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’ by Shel Silverstein. It is my all-time favorite,” said Leslie. Her goal with ‘Brooklyn Stew’ is to foster the bonding of parents and children. If you have children, ‘Brooklyn Stew’ is certainly a must buy.

Stepping on the Acting Stage

Recently, Leslie has focused on acting, specifically in the theater. Leslie just performed in the Northern Anne Arundel Cultural Preservation Society’s stage play, ‘Emancipation: The Next Chapter’.Leslie Saint-Julien Leslie Saint-JulienCurrently, she is preparing for the production of ‘Lord I Believe’ which will be on stage at the Slayton House Theater in Columbia, MD on June 24, 2017. This production will also travel to Phoenix, AZ in December 2017.

Significant Accomplishments

When asked about her significant accomplishments, Leslie answered, “My most significant accomplishments have been to be able to travel nationally, and touring my children’s book and being invited to speak to young people and their parents at various venues. It matters so much to me to be an inspiration to young children, especially those from underrepresented communities and young African American girls, to follow their dreams. I thank God for giving me the gifts to be able to do so in so many ways!”

Leslie’s Goals

Leslie’s goals for her career involve touching the hearts of people all over the world by using her God given gifts and talents. This year will be busy for her with all the acting but she is still finding time to prepare to publish her third collection of poetry called, ‘Letters from My Father’. She will also be releasing a spoken word poetry album. Leslie plans to record the album in a music studio this year in collaboration with other performing artists. You don’t want to miss it!

Advice to Others

As a final question I asked Leslie what advice she could give to up and coming artists. She answered, “My advice to young artists entering the destination of their careers would be to never stop dreaming and stay true to who they are.”

“While still passionate about sharing my gifts in stage performance, I always maintain a connection with the arts. Be it dance performances, spoken word performances, stage acting and anything that allows me to be creatively expressive. I love the performing arts,” says Leslie Saint-Julien!

Keep up with Leslie on her social media sites:

Website: http://www.lesliesaintjulien.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lesliesaintjulien

Instagram: @bkmade @brooklynstew