The Room (Forgiveness meets The Final Judgement)

Just a thought – The Room

Alone in a room

It’s just me and You

I feel so lost

‘Cause I don’t know what to do

Now what if I choose the wrong thing to do

I’m so afraid; afraid of disappointing You

So, I need to talk to You

And ask You for Your guidance

Especially today

When my life is so cloudy

Guide me until I’m sure

I open up my heart, ooh yeah

~Yolanda Adams


Many Christians believe when God returns, we will all meet in the great courtroom (The Final Judgement) in the sky. God presiding over each case one by one and judging the evidence as they present it to him. The Angels will do their best to show that our lives mattered, and we followed Jesus Christ on this journey.  In doing so, God will judge the good, the bad and the ugly. Judging everyone according to their walk with him.  In his most captivating novel yet Gerald C. Anderson, Sr.’s, The Room, is a fascinating and thought-provoking account of forgiveness and judgment day.


The Room explores the lives of five individuals who struggle with different life choices. No one is without blemish or wrinkle. They gather the characters in a room with no windows and no way out. Little by little their lives unfold right before there eyes. Playing out every scene as if it was a movie, they will soon learn why they have all gathered in the room.

The story opens as Satan barks out orders to all of his henchmen to destroy the earth and take no prisoners. He ordered them to go kill, destroy, and devour people with drugs, alcohol, and whatever else they could find to make sure the Angels will not find their names in the book of life. Satan made a special request and barked to minions to do what they must to ensure that Dan, Marquis, Trina, Margaret and Chris’ name, are not listed in the book of life. Do whatever you need to do to get me their souls. Satan did not want to give them a chance to repent because he knew what that meant.


Dr. Daniel Hughes

Dr. Daniel Hughes did not know salvation by any means. As a child growing up, his parents forced him to attend church; he hated it. When he became a teenager, he sneaked out of the church to hang out with others at the corner store. Although he became a successful doctor, he credited himself with saving his patients’ lives. He saw no need to have faith in or believe in God. What did he need God for?  He did it all by himself. He was god.

Marquis Bryant

Marquis Bryant’s life was no walk in the park. Although Marquis was a member of Mount Zion Church of God in Christ, and also a deacon, he continued to mourn those he lost. Marquis tumbled headfirst into a deep depression which drove him to use drugs to cover up his pain.

Trina Jefferson

Trina Jefferson life was filled with death and destruction. The day she was born her father died robbing a liquor store, and her mother spent her life as a drug addict. Trina knew that she had to do something, so she became a very successful lawyer. Trina was all about getting paid. She represented any and every one so she could make that money.

Margaret Ann Washington

Margaret Ann Washington was an older woman who in her earlier years joined a white supremacist group and became a powerful leader within the organization. She protested the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and murdered those who were not like her.  She was a champion for her people. Now things are different.

Christopher Hume

Christopher Hume had not grown up. His parents, specifically his mother always protected him and came to his rescue. This time was no different. This time the police charged Chris with the inevitable, murder. He feared nothing because his mom always helped him, but would it be enough?

Conclusion – The Final Judgement

Often things happen in life because of the choices we make. Sometimes we go down the path less traveled and other times we try to make our own path. In The Room we find out that no matter what there is always room and time for forgiveness… or is it?

I give The Room 5 stars!