Latraia Savage: Hot, Sexy, Diva on Fire

Latraia SavageI had the pleasure to interview a very dear friend of mine, whom I adore immensely. She has an undeniable talent and a pure spirit like no other. I’m honored to have this opportunity to introduce to all our Lyfe readers, my friend and sister, LaTraia Savage.

Meet Latraia

LaTraia Savage is an artist who’s going to be around for a while! This beautiful, extraordinary, phenomenal woman has posse edgy, yet, funky sound. She had this motion and musical vibe from a very young age. She was introduced to music by studying and appreciates the musical talent of her parents. LaTraia captivated music lovers with her energetic and enthusiastic musical style when her mother entered her into a local talent show. Music lovers recognized her profound lyrical content, distinct voice and charismatic attitude on stage that she was an instant sensation.

LaTraia has traveled the world performing in small intimate venues, to large theaters of hundreds of thousands; leaving them captivated, surprised Latraia Savageand filled with admiration. LaTraia’s onstage performances have left her audiences breathless caused by something musically beautiful and unexpected to some. Perhaps from her tributes or impersonations of what she calls “Divas of Soul” featuring Whitney Houston, Tina Turner & Diana Ross just to name a few. To not leave her fans yearning or lusting, she released her debut single, “Creepin Casual,” which received favorable and rave reviews from fans and local radio personalities. “Creepin Casual” is an upbeat song that can be played while you’re cruising in your car or during your favorite workout. LaTraia is currently shooting a video for this song along with working on her next single release “Can’t Help It.” I personally can’t wait to hear this masterpiece.

The Memphis, Tennessee native spoke with The Lyfe Magazine about how and why music is so fulfilling for her, releasing new music, and her latest single, Creepin Casual.

The Interview

The Lyfe: How were you attracted to becoming a musician; your inspiration? What was the role of your parents?

LaTraia: My mother and father were both musicians. I’ve been singing all of my life. My mother entered me in a talent show and I was introduced to a producer who was one of the judges. After doing a few sessions with him, he recommended me to a musician friend of his who was looking for a vocalist for his band.

The Lyfe: Do you have brothers and sisters?

LaTraia: No, I’m an only child.

The Lyfe: Did you follow any formal music education?

LaTraia: I studied music at University of South Florida and I majored in music.

The Lyfe: With the number of tributes you do, what genres of music do you have in your repertoire?

LaTraia: I am a vocalist, well known for covering a wide variety of genres including Jazz, R&B, Country, Big Band, Dance, Motown and more.

The Lyfe: What is the role of music in your life?

Latraia SavageLaTraia: I can’t imagine my life without my music. I was born to perform.

The Lyfe: Describe some of your recent projects?

LaTraia: My new single is called ‘Creepin’ Casual’. I am currently shooting a video for the song. My next release will be “Can’t Help It”.

The Lyfe: Where are some of the places you’ve traveled to perform?

LaTraia: Yes, I have traveled the world performing in Italy, Sicily, China, Rome, Portugal, Spain and some other countries.

The Lyfe: Did you perform with other artists?

LaTraia: I was a primary character in Stage plays at Busch Gardens for a two year run. Then I travel performing a tribute/ impersonation show called ‘Divas of Soul’ featuring Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Beyoncé’ and a few others. Lastly, I sing background for a few international artists. I am one of very few female band owners/leaders in the Tampa Bay area.

The Lyfe: “The goddess of music and entertainment”, I understand you are well versed in theater and you have graced the stage. Let us know your experience on stage.

LaTraia: I have performed on the stage of Busch Garden’s theme park in the theatrical play ‘Katonga’ for one and half years. I did a two year stint acting and singing in the off Broadway play ‘The Me Nobody Knows’.

The Lyfe: Did you also work in commercials?

LaTraia: During that time I was performing at Busch Garden’s, I also performed in two Sprite Commercials.

The Lyfe: Whitney Houston’s national anthem was my favorite. With the growing popularity of artists singing at professional events, have you ever performed the national anthem?

LaTraia: In 2009, I sang the National Anthem at a New York Yankees game. I also performed my legendary tradition for the Rowdies Soccer game in 2014.

The Lyfe: Have you ever sang for military troops?

LaTraia: I have headlined tours entertaining USA Military Troops in several venues in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Rome, and Sicily etc. I also went to china on a tour.

The Lyfe: What are some of your charity appearances?

LaTraia: I sang the National Anthem to kLatraia Savageick off annual Breast Cancer Walk-a-thons and am currently working on a fundraiser event for Tay-Sachs disease.

The Lyfe: What are your goals in the future?

LaTraia: I want to have an international hit song.

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Photos by Okeye Mitchell

Make up by Heather Clark

Photoshoot location: Rialto Theatre

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