Leah Grace – Bedtime Adventure Book Review

Leah Grace – Bedtime Adventure Book Review

Do you want to increase your child’s imagination, creativity and originality? This book can help you do that!

Beryl Brackett and Ryan Brackett released their first children’s picture book, Leah Grace -Bedtime Adventure and this is one you don’t want to miss.  What makes this story interesting to read is that the authors are a mother and son tandem. Beryl brings in her remarkable storytelling skills and takes your child on an amazing adventure.

Beryl got an idea to write a children’s book when she learned she would become a first-time grandmother. Not only did she have an idea about writing a book about her granddaughter, she asked her son, Ryan, to team up with her and write the story line. Ryan’s brilliant writing skills shine through and help to provide a great story for your child.

Leah Grace – Bedtime Adventure is a simple, yet refreshing rhyming, bedtime story seen through the eyes of a child. When it is time for Leah Grace to go to bed, she’s not ready to go. She runs over to the corner of her bedroom where she finds her spaceship. She boards her spaceship and waves goodbye. You can see her sitting in her spaceship ready for takeoff, as we see her parents on the monitor, no doubt letting her know it is bedtime.

The spaceship is equipped with everything she needs. You can sense the excitement, with the vibrant colors, and Leah Grace’s face in the helmet of the space suit. This is where the adventure begins.

Leah Grace is a magical, feel-good story that every parent can relate to. The story takes the reader on a bedtime adventure exploring her surroundings, and using her imagination to deep sea dive, explore space and other things that keep her from going to bed right away.

The illustrations were beautifully crafted and matched the story.  The authors, Brackett and Brackett bring back bedtime as we once knew it – FUN.

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