Heroes of the Pandemic – Valerie Moorer

The Lyfe Magazine recognizes the struggle many of us are facing during this time. We Would like to take a moment each week to recognize someone who is working and helping others during this stressful period.

Each week we want to honor someone, to let everyone know there are genuine heroes in the world!

This week we honor Valerie Moorer!

What’s your occupation?

I have been a registered nurse since 2004. Prior to becoming a registered nurse, I was an LPN. I have been in the medical profession for about 22 years.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

The biggest challenge that we face today in health care is having policies in place to assure the safety of our patients as well as the safety of the staff. From week to week things are changing drastically. Every day we encounter new measures and new procedures. Not only are health care professionals learning to adapt and be flexible, having the right equipment, resources, effective communication, and a plan in place is needed during this time.

Do you foresee anything good coming from all of this?

Yes, there are wonderful things coming from all of this.  People are trying to take care of themselves better and manage how they treat their bodies. During this time, we have found that people with preexisting health issues like diabetes, renal failure, cardiovascular disease, asthma and even the ones on a CPAP machine are at a much higher risk of contracting the virus.  So yes, I think people are aware of the health issues they face and are now trying to manage their health issues better.

Do you think life will go back to normal or have things been changed forever?

I know my life has changed forever. I am no longer carefree with taking the elevator, or holding my granddaughter's hand. Now I take the stairs and I hold my granddaughter's wrist instead of her hand. I’m thinking differently because I am a health care professional and I have seen a lot of things during this unprecedented time. I would hope that people will think of their loved ones, not wanting to pass the virus on to them, and therefore, do things that will not only keep themselves safe but their families also. Things have changed and I’m not sure if it will ever go back to the level of being normal that we had before. Our new normal might be taking care of
ourselves, wearing a mask and practicing hand-washing hygiene to stay safe.

Do you think the lock down is working, why or why not?

I like the way the governor of New York put it. I’ll paraphrase it, “without it, you would have had a large number in the hospital that contracted it –without the lock down, we would have had a hundred thousand more.” I think the lockdown is working. If you really look closer and peel back the fabric of our nation, you find that this situation is bringing us all closer together. Families spending more time with each other by playing games, eating dinner together, learning and talking together, despite our fear we are in this together.

What advice would you give people during this time?

The advice I would give people is to go back to the basics. Wash your hands, be mindful of what you touch and who you are around. Be mindful of who you let in your home and inner circle. People can get close enough to you and infect you without knowing they are carrying the virus. Start exercising and start getting your body physically in shape. Be more compliant and self-discipline about everything in your life regardless to what it is. Be mindful of what you put in your body.  Be respectful to your body that it will be strong enough to fight off uncommon diseases that may come your way.