Fate of the Furious The Lyfe Movie Review

furiousIf fast cars, big explosions, tongue-n-cheek humor and corny story lines are your thing, then the next installment in the long awaited Fast and the Furious Franchise is for you and sure to excite the average fan.

Director F. Gary Gray helms this all-star cast of “FAST 8, Fate of the Furious,” and like all the other films in this franchise, it is a high octane, adrenaline rush of fast cars and exotic locations with a heaping double portion of machismo, muscle and brawn thrown in for good measure, as its three muscle clad stars (Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), and Deckard Shaw (Jason Stratham), continuously battle it out for alpha male supremacy.

The story however leaves a lot to be desired, even with the added star power of two Academy furiousAward winning leading ladies, Charlize Theron, playing the crazed cyber god Cipher, who is the puppet master of the mayhem that ensues, and Grand Dame Helen Mirren, playing the role of Jason Stratham’s mother, the story lacks the true grit of it predecessors. The gangs all back, as the rest of the family Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Elena (Elsa Patal), Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Ludacris), Santos & Tego (Don Omar & Tego Calderon), Ramsey (Natalie Emmanuel), Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell), are all in tow, including a few new comers doing what they do best., from start to finish.