Branding 101 Your Brand Speaks Volumes

brandYour Brand

If you are in entrepreneur or aspiring to become an entrepreneur, it’s a well-known fact that your branding speaks volumes to the ideal client in which you attempting to connect with. When they see you in the community, that’s your brand. What they tell others about you, is your brand. Your mission statement, vision and values all comprise your brand. Your brand includes a promise to deliver a certain “thing”. The specific and look and color scheme present on your graphic material becomes known as a part of your brand. So, today let’s look at a few items that will help you become recognized as you develop your brand. It may change and evolve and that is perfectly okay. Just do not allow any of this to stop your progression.

First Things First

Number one, research colors and the meaning of certain colors, these colors on your advertisements will help draw in your client. According to what type of emotions you evoke through the color schemes that you use on your website, cards, and marketing materials, they will feel a certain way when they see your brand. Your customers should enjoy this feeling, and that is why they follow your brand and purchase your product or services. What type of emotions are you bringing forth in your ideal client?

What’s Next

Number two, make sure that all photography of you, your events, your products, and even your logo is done professionally. Do not skip out on this piece. Although it seems like a small thing, your presentation is everything. If you cut corners here, your customer base will know it and recognize it.
The customer may feel like you might cut corners and other areas of business. They might start to think negatively about your brand right from the start. Do they provide the best customer service? Do they brandreturn calls in a timely manner? Are they exhibiting a bad reputation when it comes to your pricing? Are they really trying to give me the best at the best price, or just be cheap all around? Let your first impression be your best impression! Leave no room for doubt concerning your brand.


Number three take a look at everything that you’ve done to make yourself stand out in the marketplace. How are you different? How are you perceived? Do you blend in with all of the rest competition? You see, in any business there is competition everywhere, so you will have to put a twist on your brand that will make you stand out from the ordinary. No matter what type of business, or what line of service that you provide, there will always be someone else out there attempting to do it better. But do you know what? Only you can do it your way! So, shine brightly, and let the world see who you are! Be bold, be fierce, be you! These Branding 101 tips entails just a few items of creating your signature stamp, but you will definitely be on your way if you implement these few suggestions!