herb roasted chicken

Herb Roasted Chicken – The Lyfe Recipes

herb roasted chicken“Herb Roasted Chicken w/ Pineapple & Brown Sugar Glaze”


6 Leg quarters (cleaned & washed)

8 stems fresh thyme 

3 Tbs Olive Oil

2 Tbs Dried Rosemary 

Salt & Pepper (to taste) 

1/4 Cup Salted “Real” Butter

1/2 can Pineapple Chunks 

1/4 Cup Dark Brown Sugar

3 Tbs Bourbon Whisky 


Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Massage chicken quarters with olive oil, then season with salt, pepper and rosemary. Place flat in roasting pan and add fresh thyme. Cover and bake for approximately 45mins-1hr (or until browned & fully cooked). While chicken is roasting, in frying pan melt butter, add brown sugar and stir thoroughly with wooden spoon. Add 1/2 can of pineapple chunks w/ liquid and Bourbon. Stir thoroughly. Reduce heat. Let cook for 3-4 mins. Once chicken is complete, coat chicken with glaze. Garnish with fresh thyme and serve. Super Easy & Super Delicious!