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My Experience With Standing Firm

My Experience With Standing Firm

October is the start of the fall season, a time of transition. It is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month.


Working in the beauty industry has many different facets. It is not all glitz and glam and red carpet appearances. It is sometimes cosmetic or covering scars on someone who had a medical procedure or who has been a victim of domestic violence. When I began my career in the beauty industry, my desire was to help build a person’s self-esteem and confidence. Making them simply a better version of themselves. I never thought about it from the aspect of a victim of domestic violence. Personally, I have never experienced domestic violence or known anyone who has. How many times do we hear of someone who has been physically or emotionally abused and asked, “why don’t they just leave?” This experience has taught me that you are not in their shoes and may never know the magnitude of abuse and pain they suffer.

Standing Firm

I first learned about the Standing Firm project through a Facebook post seeking a makeup artist. I had no idea what the project was about nor any experience working on a production set. Upon reading the script, it became apparent that the main character, Raine Davis, played by Renata Mikae, was a talented singer who, over time, became the victim of domestic violence. Through the course of the movie, Raine’s character would transition from a quiet gospel singer to a rebel who turned her back on her family, to an abused woman.

Creating Looks for the Movie was a Challenge

As the Key Makeup Artist, I had to not only read the entire script and learn about the personality and role of each character, but also the standing firmemotions each would bring into each scene. Creating beauty looks for Raine was easy; creating the bruising was another story. Renata played a huge role, as she became Raine. She put all her emotions into her character where you actually felt her pain. This definitely assisted in the creations for the makeup looks. Many women apply makeup to enhance their appearance or magnify certain features, but for so many others it is a means of covering scars whether physical or emotional. I believe makeup also helps women raise their self-esteem.


It has been an honor to work on this project. The experience has made me more aware of the challenges many people face on a daily basis. As a makeup artist, my goal is to help raise someone’s self-esteem and make them feel beautiful again.

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