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The Pastor’s Message – Domestic Violence


The Pastor’s Message – Domestic Violence

Bishop Larry D. Palmer of Israel Total Life Ministries talks about domestic violence from a biblical perspective. He speaks from Judges 19 and informs us on the beginnings of abuse.

Meet Bishop Palmer

Dr. Larry D. Palmer, Sr., born November 5, is a native of Princeton, West Virginia. After graduating from Princeton High School, he decided to further his education by entering Bluefield State College. He later transferred to Marshall University with hopes of fulfilling a football sports career. The tragic loss of the entire University football team in an airplane crash moved him to join the Air Force. Little did he know that this would be the path of his spiritual relationship. Bishop Palmer served his country 30 years and reached the highest enlisted rank. In his latter years of service, he held the position of Command Chief Master Sergeant of the 11th Wing, Bolling Air Force Base, Washington DC, where he oversaw the responsibility of 40,000 people.

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