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Dante Hoagland – Star of The New Edition Movie Tells All

Dante Hoagland – Star of The New Edition Movie Tells All

dante hoaglandDante Miles Hoagland was born February 08, 2003. He is the youngest of three brothers and one sister. He resides in Franklin Township, NJ with his parents Michael & Nicole.

dante hoaglandMost recently known as “Young Michael Bivins in the “New Edition Story,” Dante will soon be known for his role as Shahzad in the upcoming TBS series “The Last OG,” in which Dante will play alongside comedian Tracy Morgan, as his son.

Dante is also known for the following Feature Films; “Fading Gigolo” in which he played alongside Woody Allen as “Coco”, and as “Howie” in the babysitter thriller “Emelie”. In television, Dante is known as Tina Fey’s adopted son “Terry” on 30 Rock, “Young Maurice,” in Fatrick, as well as various skit roles on Saturday Night Live. He is also known as Mike, on Nickelodeon’s Team Umizoomi.

Dante also appeared on, Sesame Street, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Jimmy Fallon, and numerous regional and national commercials. Dante is widely known for his starring role as “Young Danny Brown” in Hip-Hop artist Danny Brown’s “Grown Up” video, which won the 2013 MTVU Woodie Award for best video of the year.

He continues to gain traction on his social media. Since the New Edition Movie, Dante hit over 61,000 Instagram followers and counting. He enjoys rapping, playing video games, and spending quality time with family and friends.

We caught up with Dante and here is what he had to say…

The Lyfe… I understand that you are homeschooled. What are some of the differences between being homeschooled and a traditional style school experience?

Dante… Some differences between being homeschooled as opposed to traditional schooling is, well for one, I don’t get to see my friends on a daily basis, you know hang out and have lunch with them, but on the flip side, being homeschooled (when I’m not working), I can go have lunch anywhere, and at any time of the day. Also with being homeschooled, I’m able to log in at any time of the day, 7 days a week, and complete school work, which allows me to work ahead, or take my time (as long as my work is completed by a specific deadline), with traditional school, you have to work at the pace set for the class.

The Lyfe… What is your favorite school subject?

Dante… My favorite subject is Bible. My homeschool curriculum is Christian Based.

The Lyfe… How long have you known you wanted to be an actor?

Dante… Hmm… I can’t really say that I’ve always known. My mom said she always knew that I was born to entertain. I just did what I loved to do, sing and dance and rap while people watched me. Idante hoagland would usually entertain on the sideline of my Brother Dylan’s Football games, and Wrestling matches. My mom use to make these home videos of me and my brother Dylan and post the videos on YouTube, and one day she submitted some of these videos to Shirley Grant Management, and I was called in for an audition, and I was signed. Well, I guess then I can say, I’ve known I was an actor, from the first day I stepped in front of a camera and heard, “Action,” I think I was six or seven years old.

The Lyfe… Who is your favorite actor?

Dante… Lorenz Tate is one of my top favorites.

The Lyfe… Do you have lots of friends or are you a loner?

dante hoaglandDante… I have a lot of friends and we hang out all the time. We go to the movies and to the mall quite a bit, and when we can’t hang out in person, we’re usually playing Xbox or PlayStation with each other.

The Lyfe… Do you have any passions, besides acting?

Dante… I love fashion. I would love to start my own clothing line.

The Lyfe… What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from your parents?

Dante…. Not to get caught up in Hollywood, and to always stay humble. Even before TV and Movies, my parents taught me and my siblings to stay humble. I have 3 brothers (Jamar, Michael Jr., and Dylan), and one sister (Johnai). I’m the youngest.

The Lyfe… How did you prepare for the role of little Michael Bivins?

Dante… Ok, so, choreography, I absolutely was uncomfortable with! I love to dance, but I was used to doing freestyle dance when I booked this role. So anyway, I had to take hours of private dance lessons before even going to LA., to do boot camp. In boot camp, we learned the dance routines, the songs, and we studied and perfected our character while being coached by the actual person we were portraying.

The Lyfe… Did Michael Bivins give you any guidance on how to best portray him?

Dante… Absolutely! Mike held me down throughout the entire process. If he wasn’t on set with me, he was on the phone with me. We talked about everything from basketball to wardrobe. He dante hoaglandreally made this experience that much more incredible. We still keep in touch. Over the summer I went to Boston to celebrate the groundbreaking of the Michael L. Bivins Basketball Court. I also linked up with my big Bro on his SportyRich commercial. You know, Mike and I just had an instant connection. He so down to earth, and cool, and he’s just so umm positive, and he always makes sure whatever it is, it’s gonna be right! In his words, “Yo “D” (that’s what he calls me) it’s gonna be Dope!”

The Lyfe… Do you still keep in touch with the members of New Edition?

Dante…Yes, I still keep in touch with all The Littles, and The Bigs, we have a group chat together, and we also play video games online with each other. Mike and I talk to each other frequently, and I just recently hung out with Bob at 2017 Circle of Sisters. Make sure you get yourself some of his BBQ sauces.

The Lyfe… What is the best thing about working with Tracy Morgan?

Dante… There is good and positive energy on set. We pray before getting the day started. Tracy Morgan tells jokes every day and has a funny story and always something funny to say. He also has great taste in music. He keeps the set lit with his music selection. He also gives me great advice and is very caring. The entire cast/crew of The Last O.G., is very supportive of each other on and off the set. I love my O.G. family. I can’t wait for the premiere in early 2018 on TBS.

The Lyfe… How long have you been a New Edition fan?

Dante… I’ve been rockin with New Edition since the day I learned who they were. I was familiar with BBD because of the song poison, but I didn’t know that BBD were members from New Edition, because I didn’t know of New Edition.

The Lyfe… What was it like to walk across the BET stage for the first time?

Dante… Uhhh, wow, well during the dress rehearsal was the first time I stepped onto the stage, and I wasn’t really absorbing what was happening, I was just focused on getting the most out of the rehearsal. It wasn’t until the live show, and I went on stage to perform, and I heard the crowd cheering and I saw Mike, Ron, Rick, Bob, Ralph, Johnny, and Mr. Brooke with their families that I realized what was truly happening! It’s an unexplainable feeling, but it felt so right. Salute to my NE Family! I Love em!

The Lyfe… What are your overall acting goals and aspirations?

dante hoagland

Dante… I would love to win Oscar/Oscars. I also want to produce, direct, and own my own production company. I want to transition into music, I have always been into hip-hop, and I want to work in fashion as well.

The Lyfe… We have all heard of the stigma of child stars and the problems they are faced with like drugs and suicide. What are you doing to prevent getting sucked into that predicament?

Dante… I pray every day that God covers and keeps me.

The Lyfe…What was your most embarrassing moment on set or off?

Dante… One of my most embarrassing moments was off set. I was sitting in the bleachers at a baseball game. I was cold, so I had my arms inside my sweatshirt, not in the sleeves like they should be. Well, I leaned forward and lost my balance, and because my arms were inside my sweatshirt, I couldn’t catch myself and I fell down the bleachers and busted my lip. Looked like a crime scene with all that blood.

The Lyfe… Please share something personal about yourself that you have not shared in any other interview?

Dante…. I keep my items on my shelf just the way I like it, and I can always tell when something has been moved or touched!

The Lyfe… What advice do you have for kids who are aspiring to become actors?

Dante…My advice for kids, who are aspiring to become actors, is to stay focused, determined and ready.