blade runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 Movie Review

Blade Runner 2049 Movie Review

by Buff Patterson

blade runner 2049Blade Runner 2049 has the same basis as all of the other  futuristic movie.  The future is dark. There are no eco systems and rain is perpetual. Gray and red skies are lined with wastelands due to some kind of radioactive catastrophe that has left the world in ruins.   The visual effects are mesmerizing and grim.

The story line has a strong and inquisitive start, but quickly diminishes into a cloud of unexplained mysteries that never unfold.  Blade Runner 2049, thesis is that a machine can bear humans machines through sexual contact.  Consensual relationships are better deemed by holograms than by human touch.

I expected more from this star packed movie.  Ryan Gosling character began sterile but warmed as the movie continued only to be crushed by the idea he was too a created machine, (I think), the movie was confusing. Jared Leto had two scenes with the first being violently graphic.  Harrison Ford continued with true grit, bringing more confusion to the story line. Robin Wright-Penn, also with limited scene time had a forgettable performance.  The villainess, Luv, played by Sylvia Hoeks is bad but how does a machine have the ability to cry tears right after they killed someone by chopping them in the neck.

I’m a true action junkie and will defend even B movies to the end but, I’ve grown tired of these futuristic movies attempting to create a new man with a soul.  Romans 1:22 says “professing to be wise became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man…. Humans are continually trying to create new humans through their own hands through movies and science. These God Complex movies are numerous in numbers and continue as if artificial intelligence will somehow overthrow human’s existence.  Again they profess to be wise and become fools……

Rating: 2.4 or of 4 Stars

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