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Darrin Henson – I Am That I Am

darrin hensonDarrin Henson – I Am That I Am

Darrin Henson has been nominated for awards as an actor and author. He won the coveted MTV choreography award for NSYNC’s “Bye, Bye, Bye.”

Darrin is best known for his role on the hit Showtime series Soul Food, where he played the street tough “Lem Van Adams”. Darrin also starred for three seasons on the ABC family TV series Lincoln Heights and Black Magic.

Darrin’s role includes such films as “The Express” where he played the role of Jim Brown, “Tekken” where he played the intense role of the martial arts expert Raven. One of the biggest roles was in the feature film “Stomp The Yard”.

Recently, Darrin starred in “Zulu Wedding” opposite Nondumiso Tembe (“Six”, “True Blood” and “Neverland”) in South Africa.

Darrin’s on the stage resume includes starring in David Talbert’s stage play “Fabric Of A Man”.

Darrin believes you can come as you are but you can’t stay as you are.. Growth is important personally, spiritually, mentally and economically. He brings a no nonsense education and straightforward thoughts to his approach to the industry and to audiences all over the world. In 2016, he lectured in Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa and currently has brought his lectures to audiences in the U.S.

The Lyfe Magazine’s Interview

The Lyfe: How are you Darrin?

Darrin: I’m great.

The Lyfe: Thank you for agreeing to do the interview with us.

Darrin: It’s a pleasure and I’m grateful you asked.

The Lyfe: Have you heard of or seen our magazine In California? Where have you seen it?darrin henson

Darrin: Yes I have; On the stands.

The Lyfe: I know that you were just in Tampa, so what brought you here?

Darrin: I facilitated a financial workshop which was called “The Truth About Your Money…” specifically crypto currency. It’s teaching people to invest into crypto currencies, which crypto currencies they should be interested in, and how to set up their crypto currency accounts.

The Lyfe: Will you tell us a little bit about your culture? What inspires you to get up every morning and stay motivated?

Darrin: Well, the ability to know that can get tuned in, tapped in and turned on to whatever we want to as long as we’re in alignment. It’s about knowing that you should take action when you have a suggested idea which is an inspiring idea and then when you follow it through with action, it brings results. Those results create a stronger belief system, so to forge me the opportunity to allow those things to become something. When it becomes something, that means it manifested in the physical world. But I always acknowledge that it came from thought and energy first, so I love to continually apply myself, to basically make magic.

The Lyfe: I’ve seen your work, and you look beautiful on camera. Could you tell us how you maintain your flawless appearance?

darrin hensonDarrin: Well, I’m very thankful. I don’t know why I look the way that I do, but I thank God for it. First of all, I work out and I drink a lot of water, but I would assume it’s genetics. I moisturize when I need to, but it’s not something that I do daily.

The Lyfe: How would you maintain a healthy relationship, and how do you maintain the balance between family and career?

Darrin: I believe that initially it’s just about acceptance, of knowing who I am first, and allowing myself to unfold. I believe that there is someone who is in your energy alignment, and people who are positive, negative, indifferent, confused who are all attracted to what you are anyway. I think happiness is found where you are. If somebody else is happy and you’re happy and you’re walking together, it’s a great walk . You won’t have to do much work.

The Lyfe: How would you introduce your children to your new partner?

Darrin: My daughter will be four this year and she’s a beautiful blessing to me. To answer your question, you do it with love and it’s really important to make sure that everything is maintained and have that circle if love. When you have that, it’s just beautiful. It’s really about the the collective, the family, it’s really about the village that you surround yourself with. Sometimes we grew up in a village, but we find another one. But, it’s just really about love, when you have that, everything seems to work out just fine.

The Lyfe: Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

Darrin: When I sit down and project things like that, I like to keep an attitude of gratitude. I don’t really worry about the future, I focus on the here-and-now. And I really mean that, a lot of people might be like “Oh come on, it’s just ten years,” but no, I’m focused on right now. I believe that if I focus on right now, the future will take care of itself. There’s so much to be aware of now, so to worry or think about something in the future, it doesn’t make sense to me. I believe in planning, absolutely, but I don’t worry so much about where I’m going to be or what I’m going to do. I know I’m going to be in alignment and things are going to work out for me, so wherever I am and whatever I’m doing, I know I’m going to be happy.

The Lyfe: Can you tell me what you are working on?

Darrin: Well, currently I’m working on a play that I have written and am producing and directing. I will be opening in Dallas called You Can’t Raise a Man. I’m focused on developing my own content and telling my stories the way that I choose to while I work with other people. So you can’t Raise a Man is really a work of passion and love, and it’s the first musical stage play that I’ve written directed and produced. I’m really excited about it showing April 14th .

The Lyfe: If you had to choose, what would you say your greatest achievement and why?

Darrin: I always say, ‘My next one.’ I’m only focused on the here and now, so it’s always the next one. That’s the exciting time, it’s about the darrin hensonunfolding of what’s next.

The Lyfe: Can you tell us a little bit about Black Magic Live?

Darrin: When I did Vivica’s Black Magic on lifetime, I did it because the director Jean-Claude Le Marre asked me to be a choreographer on the show. And of course, I know Vivica I’ve worked with her in the past, so collectively we came together and did a reality show. I’d never done one before so I thought it might be fun. Some of it was fun, some of it wasn’t, but I learned what I wanted and what I didn’t want all at the same time. So, it was a great experience and I got a chance to live in the choreography world again, which I love. It was an opportunity for people to actually see me work again.

The Lyfe: Do you have any movie projects in the works?

Darrin: Yes, I have quite a few films coming out in April, including a movie I shot in South Africa, Zulu Wedding. I have another film coming out where I play a Marine sniper, A Call To Submission. I also have a faith-based film coming out which is called Choir Director written by Carl Webber, so I’m really excited.

darrin hensonThe Lyfe: Why you think God chose you?

Darrin: I believe that God chose me because I chose me. I think God choses us all, but we have to choose ourselves as well. When we do that, we’re walking in alignment. To thine own self be true. The scripture says, if you have faith like a mustard seed you can move mountains, so I’ve decided to move a few mountains. I’ve made sure that I’ve learned along the way and remembered that it wasn’t about me. We are all connected, so as I receive I give, and as I give I expect to learn how to receive.

The Lyfe: Is there any word of advice you would like to share with The Lyfe Magazine audience?

Darrin: I just want to thank you for reading this, and thank you so much for your support through the years. There’s a lot more coming. Take care of yourselves. Just stop and breathe and notice your blessings more than your difficulties and your blessings will show up.

I am that I am.