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Body Language While Dating

Body Language

Body language is an important aspect to look for when dating. Communication is not the only way to get a clear understanding of one’s personality. Body language unveils how your date responds to you. Many people may believe that body language is unimportant, but gestures reveal a lot about the person you are dating. Whatever a person is thinking will show through their body language.

Here are a few examples of some unsatisfactory non-verbal actions:

  1. No Eye Contact: Sometimes people can be shy, and will barely give you eye contact; but, when you engage in conversation with your date and there is no eye contact, you are not off to a good start.
  2. Defensive Posture: A person can be considered defensive when talking to you with their arms folded. Posture tells a lot about a person. When the arms are folded, and there is no thrill of meeting you, this may be a problem.
  3. Turning away: This gesture indicates that the person is not interested in what you have to say during your conversation. When they turn away, itBody Languagemakes you feel ignored.
  4. Boredom: Scratching head, or tapping fingers on table, looking bored, as if they are ready to end the date.
  5. Frowning: Some people may have a little frown on their face, as if he or she is disappointed in you.

Paying attention to these signs are extremely important. Body language shows the heart of what you actually think about your partner.

There are some good non-verbal signs too, such as:

  1. A Simple Smile: A smile tells a lot about a person. It shows friendliness, and can help a person easily open up to communicate with you. Whether you like the person or not, they did not feel uncomfortable by bad non-verbal actions.
  2. Eye Contact: While communicating, having good eye contact means that you are paying attention to one another.
  3. Sitting close: Getting close and maybe a little personal, and enjoying one another’s vibe is a good sign to getting to know each other.

When you are on a date, be open-minded, and try your best to stay engaged. Keep your body positioned in the direction of your date. Texting and calling other people while on a date is rude; whether you like your date or not, make sure your body language does not send the wrong message. Pay attention to those non-verbal actions because you can learn a great deal from them.