Carmi’s Playlist – Carmi Tells Her Story in Song

Meet Carmi

CarmiCarmi’s Playlist was well worth the price of admission and then some! This young, up and coming artist put on a show that I will not soon forget. Her ability to capture theCarmi essence of music from various genres and time periods was amazing!

I went to the show hoping to hear her rendition of Etta James’ “At Last” (1960). She sang it with precision. “Take Me to the King” (2012) by Tamela Mann was no challenge for her either. These songs were personal for Carmi. By performing them, she shared the story of her life with the audience.

Music is not only in her bloodline, it’s at the center of her soul. This is evident by the original work she performed as well.

You can’t help but adore Carmi. Her sincere and humble personality is refreshing.

Keep your eyes and ears open; you will see and hear much more from her!