Spring Clean Your Beauty Bag

SpringSpring has sprung, which means warmer weather and swapping sweaters and boots for shorts and sandals! While you scrub your homes from ceiling to baseboards and let in the fresh air, include your makeup bag in your spring-cleaning routine. Just as food and medicines expire, beauty products expire and you should change frequently to prevent infections.

You probably keep the majority of your beauty products in the bathroom. The constant change in temperature and humidity not only rapidly decreases the shelf life; it creates a breeding ground for mold and bacteria (yuck). Here are some simple rules to keep YOU and your beauty bag clean, healthy and happy all season!


A great breeding ground for bacteria. If your mascara is over three months old toss it! After this time, the formula may not perform as intended and could become clumpy. You can prolong your mascara’s performance by not pumping the wand. With every pump, you let in oxygen, which dries out the mascara and traps in bacteria and debris from your lashes. Instead, try twisting the wand, while slowly removing product from the tube. It may be your favorite brand, but is it worth risking a serious eye infection? Spend $10 and buy a new one.


How a product smells will tell a lot about its remaining shelf life. If your lipstick starts smelling like day old grease, it is time to get rid of it! Their water content and packaging make it the perfect storm for bacteria. Liquid lip stains or glosses are no different. Unless you are wiping off the wand after each use, replace your favorite lip product every two years or sooner if it smells bad. To extend the life of your lipstick, try using a spatula to remove only the product of need and apply with lip brush.


Reduce your chances of skin irritations and breakouts by keeping hands and brushes clean and replacing foundation products and powders frequently. As liquid products age, they can apply Springunevenly and leave streaks. Using dirty sponges and brushes on powder products can cause oil and debris to build-up, making the powder hard. Replace liquids every six months and powders every two years.

Brushes and Tools

Makeup brushes should be cleaned and sanitized every week (two weeks at the most). Clean brushes with warm water and a gentle brush cleaner or baby shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and lay flat to air dry overnight. Do not stand brushes upright as this draws water into the ferrule and over time will loosen the glue that holds the brush hairs in place. Make sure hairs are completely dry before reuse. Wipe metal beauty tools with 70 percent alcohol to disinfect.

It is also a great time to also wash or replace your makeup bag. Constant use could cause dirt and bacteria to form within the fabric. Gently run through the laundry cycle or hand wash with mild detergent and allow to air dry. If the inside liner is plastic, wipe with damp washcloth, followed by 70 percent alcohol to kill bacteria. Following these simple rules, helps keep your makeup bag clean and free from bacteria and allows your beauty products to perform at their best.

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