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When a Woman Loves a Man

woman loves

When a Woman Loves a Man

If you are not familiar with the song “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge, I’m sure you will enjoy listening to it here! It’s a very passionate song on love from a man’s perspective.

Songwriting is not my niche so I will not attempt to write one on love from a woman’s perspective. However, I have come to realize there are ten (10) very fundamental things a man, who is loved by a good woman, can look forward to in his relationship with her. I consider them basic since they are intangible. They are ingrained in the DNA of a good woman. She can’t help but feel this way, to see him this way, and look to at him this way.

Wealth is not a determining factoring.  A good woman will possess the ability to do this with ease. It comes very naturally to her when she believes the man in her life is “THE” one. When listening to the lyrics of Percy Sledge’s song, I’m sure that’s who he was referring to as well; the woman a good man feels is “THE” one.

Continue to rest in peace Mr. Sledge (1940-2015) and thank you for helping to enlighten women on what they should anticipate when truly loved by a good man.

Now, if a man wants to know if the woman in his life sincerely loves, honors, and respects him, he can use this list as a guide in making that determination:

  1. She loves you unconditionally.
  2. She is trusting you with every fiber of her being.
  3. She is looking to you to be the head of the family and lead by example.woman loves
  4. She is the utmost of vulnerable with you…there are no barriers.
  5. She is proud to present you as HER man and eagerly wants you to present her as YOUR lady.  (Not your leading lady because that implies there are others.)
  6. She has your best interest at heart…always.
  7. She will give far more than she will ever ask for in return.
  8. She is looking to you to be her earthly hedge of protection from the craziness of this world.
  9. She will, for the rest of her days, put your needs, wants, and desires above her own.
  10. She delights in finding new ways to make you smile.

She can’t be perfect fellas so please let go of that expectation. She will fall short from time-to-time.  Overall, however, her intentions towards you will be pure.