Laughs for Love Comedy Show

Rod Zcomedy

Rod Z, the show’s host said, “Please buy some popcorn from the hardest working popcorn man. Because he’s working so hard he’s creating a thick smoke. Please buy some before the fire marshal comes here.” The funniest part was that there was a thick cloud of smoke and the strong smell of popcorn in the theater.

The audience was filled with church folks and Rod Z couldn’t resist a church joke. He kept it simple. “White churches are so different from black churches. We go in on Sunday and come out on Tuesday.” I left with a clear understanding that ‘bedside Baptist’ is the place to go for worship. I also need at least one boo chic as a friend!

If you were there you would have found the show hilarious. Rod Z did an outstanding job as a host. When I’m looking for a host, I’ll be looking for Rod Z.

Mr. Joe Recca

Mr. Joe Recca of BET, Def Comedy Jam and Showtime at the Apollo, wrecked the house with laughter. People, including myself were laughing hysterically. My stomach comedycouldn’t take his stories of dating Chelsea for her Lipitor. Then there was the joke about his stuttering x-wife who was a tour guide. “Longest tour ever”, he said.

Let’s not forget the story of the liquor store that was also a shoe repair store. Joe said, “…I save soles”. He had everyone in house laughing. At the end of his set most people where still laughing so hard they forgot to clap…or couldn’t. Joe Recca was nothing short of awesome!


If anyone has seen BET comedian Logan ‘LC’ Charles’ work then they know he is raw and funny. I must emphasize the word raw. I can’t talk about his jokes here but know that he’s very funny.

comedyBruh Man from Da 5th Floor

Reginald Ballard, aka Bruh Man from Da 5th Floor. I’ve never seen his stand up before and I must say he’s funny. He mentioned comedysomething that many of us didn’t know. Everyone remembers him from the television show ‘Martin’. He appeared in only 13 episodes oButshow. But, he was on ‘The Bernie Mac Show’ for four years. I can’t recall an episode of ‘The Bernie Mac Show’ that he was on.

But none the less, he was a very funny man and I learned a lot about him. He believes Tupac isn’t dead because he seen him in a photo with the new Jordan’s on. He doesn’t believe Stevie Wonder is blind. He recently was hanging out with him and Stevie Wonder got hungry. He told the driver to stop at that McDonald on the right. He doesn’t believe Muhammad Ali has Parkinson’s disease. He said he was pretending around people because the IRS was after him. He was funny but he made you wonder. Very funny guy and I truly enjoyed him.

Ms Yolanda Lee

Ms. Yolonda Lee performed her spoken word. She bellowed a powerful poem to all the veterans in the audience. It was a moment of honor and respect given to those who severed and are serving. Amid all the laughing this moment touched your spirit and reminded you of those who served.