A Man to be Admired – Pastor Reggie Bruce

pastor brucePastor Reggie Bruce

I had the honor to meet Pastor Reginald Bruce years ago in a barbershop located in Clinton, Maryland. Some people you meet you know from the beginning that they have a good nature. What I learned over the years, is that Pastor Bruce is a great business man, friend, father and pastor.

I got to know him a great deal when I became his musician. We developed a great working relationship and friendship. If I had any issues in my life, great or small, I knew I could call on him. I admired how he ran his church and his relationship with his wife and children.


Pastor Bruce was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to the parents of Willie and Mary Bruce. He’s married to Rayna Bruce and they have four children, Jade’, Jayla, Rico and Avari. He became a Christian in 1995, called to the ministry in 1996 and ordained in 1997. He is currently the Assistant Pastor at True Disciple Christian Church in Maryland.

Pastor Bruce’s family moved to DC in 1983 where subsequently he graduated from Central High School in Capitol Heights, Maryland. He’s currently the owner and operator of Vintage Barbershop and Beauty Salon and JRJ Association Maintenance.

Business Ventures

Pastor Bruce decided to start his own business after working in the industry for 24 years. He received encouragement from his father, brother, and a host of clients. Believing and trusting in God, he decided to step out on faith. The family bond is strong and his father and brother invested in him to start Vintage.

I personally know Willie Bruce, as well, so it doesn’t surprise me to see how Pastor Bruce has become a man. I can easily see where he got his family values, business acumen and his loving nature to help others.

Pastor Bruce’s brother, Charles taught him property management and showed him how the market for maintenance worked. He encouraged him to start his second business, JRJ.

He has excelled as a businessman. LB works at Vintage Barbershop and speaks highly of Pastor Bruce. He mentored LB as a barber for 17 years. When I asked LB about Pastor Bruce, he said, “Reg, (as he is affectionately called in the shop) has been a businessman of integrity, principle and honor. He shows equality to all 5 of us who work in the shop.”

Family Bond

Pastor Bruce has a strong family bond. I have met his children and they love, admire and respect their father. When I see the relationship that he has with his children, it motivates me to continue to build the bond with my son.

I asked Willie Bruce about his son. Specifically, I asked him how proud he was of the family he had become. Willie Bruce quoted, Titus 1:6 which says, “…blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly”. Willie Bruce went on to say, “[This scripture] is a fitting biblical description of my son, with whom I am well pleased. Though he started his family at the young age of 20, he assumed the role of husband and father with the maturity and responsibility of a God-fearing man. He brought up his children in the way of the Lord. I am so very proud of him and the awesome family that he heads.”

The biggest thing Pastor Bruce did for me is set an example of forgiveness. I have seen him forgive people that many wouldn’t forgive. I have had a problem with forgiveness in my life but after seeing how this man is able to forgive those who have clearly wronged him has inspired me to follow the same path.

The Pastor

His sermons are always informative, intelligent and leaves you wanting more. I have found myself quoting things that I have learned from this remarkable man. We both attend True Disciple Christian Church under Pastor Gerrod Tyler. Pastor Tyler says this about Pastor Bruce:

“Reggie is the epitome of a believer who trusts God, loves his family, and walks with integrity. He has blessed many people with his outstanding teachings, and phenomenal sermons.”

The future is bright and this motivated man of God continues on his path. He plans to open two additional barbershops and expand his maintenance company.

If you’re a Christian, father or business owner, Pastor Bruce is to be admired. If you’re in the Clinton, Maryland area, stop by Vintage Barbershop and Beauty Salon. It’s an awesome Christian environment with excellent people working there. Tell them The Lyfe Management sent you.

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