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The Lyfe Magazine October 2018

The Lyfe Magazine – October 2018

The Lyfe Magazine digital issues are interactive and include content not released anywhere else. Additional sections will be added to the digital version each month.

This month’s issue features Jasmine M. Young. Young and determined are more than descriptions of Jasmine; it is in her blood. Style and intelligence combined with unparalleled drive and focus make her an unstoppable force. Building a career and earning her MBA in 2018, Jasmine began this year striving to be better and do better. Obstacles and other challenges are non-existent to this young woman. She answers her own questions and makes her own style. She gives her time to help others and has a thirst for knowledge. Jasmine has never been defeated because she has never been stopped!

Also included is:

  • Beryl Brackett’s “Just A Thought” book review on Victor Bell’s From Secrets With Men to Romance With Him;
  • Freelance writer Fredrick Beaty’s “It Was Never About The Flag.”  This article focuses on the topic of Colin Kaepernick’s stand on kneeling for the National Anthem;
  • Shawn-Ta Wilson provides some thoughts in her family article, “Families and Finances;”
  • Our monthly Black History focus is on Garrett Morris, inventor of the three position stoplight.