financial bingo

Shawn-Ta Wilson Presents Financial Bingo

financial bingoShawn-Ta Wilson Presents Financial Bingo

When people hear the word bingo they typically think “winner” or “great idea”. Here is a financial bingo for you and your family. A fun and easy way to save a $1,000 this coming year! The whole family wins with this great idea. The youngest to the oldest in the family can participate.

It’s simple. Each week, pick one box and set aside that amount of money. Mark that box off so it can’t be repeated. By the end of the year, all boxes will be marked off and your  family will have $1,000!

It will be up to you as a family to decide what to do with it. Invest, continue to add to it, buy a new tv for the family room, etc.

The first week of the New Year is right around the corner. Get ready! Get set! Start saving!

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