Safe Summit 17 Violence Prevention Conference

summitOn June 3rd, 2017, Safe & Sound Hillsborough will host its inaugural Violence Prevention Conference, appropriately named Safe Summit 17.

Located at the University Mall, this event will bring residents from all over Hillsborough County together with community agencies, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, support services, private sector and faith based leaders. The focus will be on healing our communities and developing strategies and solutions to prevent violence from spreading in Hillsborough County.

The three main components during this event will be:

  • a Reentry Round table, discussing employment strategies for ex-offenders.
  • A Youth Summit entitled TEEN Talk, to allow Hillsborough County teens and young adults to speak on issues related to them and how they feel they could contribute to solutions.
  • A State of Public Health Summit that will address Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Domestic Violence and other issues that contribute to violence in our communities.

Our 2017 conference will focus on cultures and effects of violence – how we learn violence, the context of violence, and culturally impacted responses to the root causes of violence.

Join us this year as we consider these issues and discuss how communities – schools, courts, law enforcement, service organizations, youth and families have and can continue to come together to effectively understand the impacts of violence on resiliency, why it affects people in different ways, and the exportation of the effects of violence. We will spend the day exploring what works, where there are challenges, how to communicate better with each other, and how to collectively move to solutions.