Dads Move Mountains – A Father’s Day Message


Dads Move Mountains – A Father’s Day Message 

Mark 11:23 tells us we can speak to a mountain and it shall be removed. There is more to that verse and I encourage you to read it in its entirety. Generally, this scripture is taken to mean we can speak to those seemingly insurmountable obstacles in our lives, and with the authority given to us by God, they will have to move out of our way.

I’ve written before that sometimes the mountain we need to move is not in front of us but inside of us. A mountain in front of us could be unfair treatment on the job, which may lead to being passed over for a promotion. A mountain in us would be low self-esteem which may prevent us from applying for the promotion in the first place.

I believe the Lord has shown me another mountain maneuvering method. Jesus spoke in parables in the Bible. Often times, God speaks to me in analogies, and here is what He has given me for fathers.

Raised in Virginia with strong family ties to West Virginia, I grew up spending almost equal time in each state. We lived in Virginia but spent virtually every holiday, weekend, and most of our summer vacations in West Virginia. As with most young children on a road trip, there were many times I remember saying, “Are we there yet?” The drive from Virginia to West Virginia always seemed so long. In part, I’m sure it was because I was eager to get there. We ran free with our cousins in West Virginia and enjoyed our time there.

Eagerness aside, the trip did actually take a while because our parents had to safely navigate the mountain roads. The curves, steep drops, sharp turns, and deer required respect by way of safe driving.

Many years into my adulthood, the State of West Virginia decided to redesign the roads. Their biggest challenge however was the mountains. The existing roads did allow travelers to get from one location to another; however, depending upon weather conditions (fog, snow, rain, ice) it could be a treacherous trip. Night driving is also risky. If you’ve ever driven across a mountain you know a “mountain mile” takes much longer to drive than a mile on all other roads.

The State of West Virginia came up with the incredible idea to make a road through the mountains! It took years but once it was done the journey was much safer and took a fraction of the time to travel. Some of the machinery used to excavate was as large as a building. It was an amazing sight to see!

Just like the State of West Virginia, if we can’t move the mountain in front of us, we can cut our way through it to get to the other side! It may take a while, chipping away at it a little at a time until we see the light on the other side.

It took the State of West Virginia years to finish the ‘new road’ as we affectionately call it. If not for the fond memories with my family on those weekly road trips, I would be hard pressed to recall traveling the rugged terrain of the mountains now. The trip has been made smooth and easy with the creation of the new road.

This Father’s Day, I would like to applaud all the dads who, when they can’t move the mountain their family is facing, they slowly chip away at the center of it. You’ve been equipped to excavate those mountains using the word of God.

May He continue to bless each father working to make the road of life smoother and easier for their families to travel, and I pray your families appreciate the determination and effort you put forth!