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Relationship Matters—You and Jesus

By Gerald C. Anderson, Sr. & Shawn-Ta Wilson
Image by janwardenbach from Pixabay

As Christians, our goal is to make it to Heaven, right? That’s what we say in church. It also provides us with words of comfort we share with those who are grieving the loss of a loved one; “they’re in Heaven now”. The funny part is some who don’t believe in Christ also talk about going to Heaven. Who’s really going and what does it take to reach Heaven?

How excited are you about Heaven… honestly?

This question isn’t meant to make you feel guilty for enjoying your life here on earth. Not at all! God created the earth for us to care for and enjoy. What I do want you to think about, though, is this: Does your reluctance to truly embrace the hope of Heaven have anything to do with your lack of intimacy with Jesus? You want Heaven…someday, but is your relationship with Jesus intimate enough that you know it will be yours?

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6) There’s not much wiggle-room here. Unless we have a close and intimate relationship with Jesus, we cannot expect to be with God—now or in Heaven.

This topic made me think of the board game Monopoly. If you land on a certain space, you are directed to go straight to jail, do not pass Go, and do not collect $200. For many, we want to treat going to Heaven the same way. We want to go straight there and skip the relationship with Jesus. Like the $200 in Monopoly money we are forced to forfeit when landing on that particular space, there are benefits we are missing out on when we don’t have a close relationship with Jesus. (Proverbs 10:22)

Unless we have a close and intimate relationship with Jesus, we cannot experience God’s blessings in our life or the protection and guidance of the Holy Spirit. We also will not be truly happy or fulfilled. That relationship was designed to make us whole, happy, and fulfilled. (John 10:10)

On social media, Facebook in particular, you will see posts which rank your level of knowledge of a subject based on the number of points you score. Let’s put a spin on that concept! Our road to Heaven is paved with your relationship with Christ. Time spent with Him strengthens that relationship.

For every question below, give yourself a point if you are able to answer “yes”. Of course, this is a crude gauge and not all-inclusive. However, it may prove enlightening. It may illuminate areas of your life which need more time and attention to ensure Heaven will be your ultimate destination.

Remember, one point for each “yes” answer. Ready? Go!

The closer your score is to 20, the more likely you are to currently have a close relationship with Jesus, and you are well on your way to Heaven.

  • If you scored 15 to 20 – You’re on the right track. Keep going!
  • 10 to 14 – You’re just a few steps away! Keep pressing toward the mark!
  • 10 or less – You may want to spend some time reflecting on the how important your relationship with Christ is and make more room for Him in your life.

Having a close relationship with Jesus gives you wisdom and courage to make sound decisions, strength and comfort to deal with painful and grievous situations, and a heart of love and compassion that will allow you to share the hope you have in Jesus with others.

Your relationship with Jesus is the most important one you will ever have—your eternal life depends on it.

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