Night Moves – How to Nail Summer Night Life

summerSummer nightlife style presents a unique challenge for most men. With temperatures rising, your number one goal is… comfort. You want to look and feel good but you don’t want massive sweat stains on your back. Summer, in general, is about dressing down—shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, sneakers. However, a night out on the town calls for a more elevated look. Whether you’re hoping to slide past the velvet rope at your city’s most exclusive club or keep cool for a rooftop happy hour, you need to play by a different set of rules.

(Not So) Dark Colors

During the warmer months, guys tend to avoid dark colors like black and navy, as they draw heat in the daytime. Additionally, summer often signals a shift to the brighter end of the color spectrum; though those dark colors you’re avoiding will work in your favor when it comes to dressing for the nightlife. You don’t need to wear black, per se, but cerulean blue is a nice compromise. It’s slimming, elegant without being stuffy, and it’s just bold enough to help you stand out in the crowd. Go dark but do so with caution.

Premium Denim

The old nightclub scene where a bald, muscular bouncer denies you entry for wearing jeans is passé. That being said, you still need to shell out for a premium pair. Go easy on the rips and tears. Those rugged details are great for daywear but can come off sloppy at night. Wear your jeans cut slim or skinny and go for a sturdy fabric blend like selvage. In terms of color, indigo blue works for every occasion. But if you’re already going dark up top, mix things up with a pair of white denim. This is the season to pull it off.

Floral Blazer

So, you’re playing it safe with your shirt and pants. Thus, there’s no reason to do the same with your outerwear. This season, men are taking risks with prints and patterns, and there’s no better summerway to show your adventurous side than with a floral blazer. Keep in mind, if you’re attempting this move, you need to keep the rest of your look neutral to avoid clashing. Look to men’s style superstar Nick Wooster for examples of how to do this right.

Go Sockless

Chelsea boots are having a moment in men’s fashion. However, wearing tall, suede boots in the summer can be a bit uncomfortable. This is the season to show some ankle. You can impress with a pair of Venetian-style slip-ons or embossed leather loafers. The vibe is reminiscent of Pitti Uomo peacocks, but the ultimate result is sophistication. Save your boat shoes and flip flops for the beach or the park. Break out the big guns for the nighttime.

Summer nightlife style is all about finding the balance between comfort, high fashion, and seasonally appropriate choices. Follow the aforementioned trends and you’ll have no problem being the best-dressed guy at the bar.