Morning Tea with Mommy Review

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I discovered this show a while back. My friends Lahla-Hadiya and Leuvenia Hines have done an outstanding job bringing you topics that simulate the mind each weekday.

Morning Tea with Mommy is in its fifth season, and this season is exhilarating. It started with five days dedicated to women and how they can improve themselves. Not wanting to stop there, the natural next step was to talk about men. I dropped in on today’s show, which you can find at MTWM Lahla-Hadiya Castro. The discussion about men touched on my recent article Reacting Versus Responding – Understanding the Difference is Important. 

As men, we can’t be leaders and continue to react to any situation. We need to learn restraint and these ladies hit the target, as they always do, on their morning show. I wake up every morning hoping to catch even a few minutes of the show.

Morning Tea with Mommy starts with the powerful song Woman by Lahla-Hadiya. Each time I hear the song, I am moved by it. The music is outstanding, but the accompanying lyrics by Lahla are equally exceptional.

The combination of Lahla and her mother, Leuvenia, makes for positive and uplifting banter covering two generations. The younger audience hears Lahla’s perspectives on the world while the older generation hears Leuvenia’s wealth of knowledge. Leuvenia’s time as an educator provides insight not only on how she raised her kids but how she provided positive influence over hundreds of other children during her career. It’s a joy to me knowing there are some educators out there who care about our children. I know she’s happy in retirement, but I wish she were still in the education system helping our young ones.

You could do yourself some good by starting each morning with Morning Tea with Mommy. I know I have put it on my calendar and look forward to it each day. With my busy schedule, I can’t be there all the time but I know I can always catch it on the reply. Stop by YouTube and catch the replays. If you’re on Facebook, search for Lahla-Hadiya at 7:30 am EST to catch the show live. You won’t regret it.

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