Look Like a Leading Man – A Father’s Day Tribute

manmanThe makings of a man is the first thing that makes you take notice. Whether he’s tailor made or he cleans up nicely, theman efforts are appreciated. The tailored look is front and center this year, jackets and vests are making statements. The custom fitted look brings out the “Classic Man”. Black is sleek, it epitomizes style and masculinity. Neutrals offer an opportunity to show more style flexibility. Grays and tans are winning as opening acts as well as accessory colors to add finish. For those that want to show off their swag, play up your style with color. Options are limitless this season as you go from the office to a night on the town; button up or open up, slacks or jeans. Here are a few styles to keep the gentleman stylish and dapper. 

What To Wear: Wedding Attire

Beside every great man is a great woman, so we want to present a power couple for summer events. Of course we celebrate Father’s Day, but June also opens up the bridal season. What to wear to weddings are always a hot topic. So here’s a fantastic style option to create a stunning pair. Tuxedos are always going to be a great option for any black-tie event. Ladies, we can be fabulous in light but never white pieces, remember the rule of etiquette.  

Bridal Shoes That Are Here To Slay

The one thing a bride wants on her wedding day is for every detail to be perfect and unique. The dress, the veil, and the shoes. The shoes must be comfortable, they must be the right height, and they must be stylish. Brides, we have some fabulous options to ensure that your walk down the aisle turns heads. Here are your heels, your bling, and your bows. Even if a beach wedding is your theme, we have you covered. It’s your special day, and you want it your way so consider these a treat for you as well as your something new.   






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