best friends forever

Just a Thought – Best Friends Forever

Just a Thought – Best Friends Forever

best friends foreverWhat does it take to be a good friend? What does the word friend mean? Webster’s Dictionary defines a friend as, “one attached to another by affection or esteem.” Many of us go through our daily lives depending on friends, to not only help when times are tough but also to encourage, and be honest about any situation. Do we really understand what true friendship is? New York Times & USA Today bestselling author, Kimberla Lawson Roby, has done it again. Best Friends Forever gives us a picture of what true friendship looks and feels like. The story of love, trust, and friendship pulls at the heartstrings of readers when she addresses the very real issue.

After 12 years of marriage to Keith Richardson, Celine’s perfect world begins to crumble when she finds her husband continually coming home late. Celine has spent the last five years building and branding, her online marketing business. Now she has to deal with her marriage. Keith tells her that he has been trying to talk to her, but she has been unavailable and consumed with her business. He’s been overlooked and cast to the side. He claims that Celine only cares about their daughter and her business and he is nowhere to be found in the picture.

However, her marriage was the least of her worries. Celine has just discovered a lump in her left breast that catches her by surprise. Although her husband, Keith, made a vow before God and friends, that he would be there for her through sickness and in health, that wasn’t the case. Keith knew about her medical condition and yet, he still decides to leave. Where is love when you need it the most? GONE! Along with TRUST! Somehow they both slipped out of the window without Celine noticing. Now she is facing this monster head-on by herself, or so she thought.

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Celine and Lauren had been best friends since grade school, so when Celine told her she had breast cancer Lauren stepped up to the plate. Celine’s brother, Jackson, pitched in to assist also. He and Lauren took turns driving Celine to her surgery and her radiation treatments. Celine had a chance to think about and reflect on her relationship with Keith. She realized in building her business she has taken him for granted and worried that if anything happened to her, what would become of her daughter. She tries not to linger too long on those thoughts because her mission is to live and not die.

The plot thickens when Celine’s husband, Keith, decides he wants to come home. He apologizes to her for the way he left. He just wants to come home and be a family again. Keith asks Celine if he could take her to her radiation treatments in an effort to make it up to her.

Celine felt she should give him another chance. Well, you know that wasn’t the end of it. The end of this story will have you questioning your own loyalty to your loved ones. It will have you thinking if you can ever trust again. The end of the story will also have you shouting…YOU GO CELINE! Don’t let him come back! It will also have you thinking….OOPS! WHAT! HE DID WHAT!

This story teaches us that you are much stronger than you give yourself credit for.

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