proof of heaven

Just A Thought – Proof Of Heaven

proof of heavenJust A Thought – Proof Of Heaven

Have you ever thought about death or dying? What will it be like? Is there life after death? Will I transfer to another dimension? Will I still have my same body or will I put on something that will not only reflect the love of God but also that diseases and illnesses are in the past? Better yet, will I know anyone?

These are just a few questions that we, as Christians or even non-Christians, seem to ask and think about. The New York Times best-selling author Eben Alexander, M.D. in his novel Proof of Heaven takes you on a ride that will not only have you sitting on the edge of your seat, it will have you anxiously reading and waiting with every page turned, trying to figure out if there is any truth to life after death.


According to Wikipedia, the afterlife can be defined as a belief that an essential part of an individual’s identity or the stream of consciousness continues to manifest after the death of the physical body.

Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon has always believed that medicine was science, and he did not believe in stories about near-death experiences. His background was studying the brain, and he understood that medical conditions could be explained by scientific calculations and research. However, one day, everything changed for Dr. Alexander when he became ill and fell into a coma. His life takes on a whole different meaning when he begins to experience things that were thought to be scientifically impossible. He takes us down the road of the most vivid and interesting story about the afterlife.

What Proof of Heaven is About

In Proof of Heaven, Dr. Alexander takes his readers, one day at a time, through his life when things were dark and bleak. While he was in a coma, the doctors desperately tried to figure out what was happening with Eben, why he was not responding, and what triggered the coma. The best doctors were called in and they determined that he had contracted meningitis, and the meningitis was slowly eating away at his brain. Therefore, they began to call on family members to come and say their goodbyes. Dr. Alexander’s relatives were not going to give up without praying. They heard the doctor but they believed in someone else and that someone else was God. They began to pray and also to talk to Eben every day and hold his hand. They were not letting go. This is where faith came in, took a front-row seat, and did not budge. They were rooted in their faith and continued to pray for him.

Profound Experiences

In the meantime, while they were praying and taking turns staying in the hospital with him, Eben was experiencing something so profound that he couldn’t explain it. He was enveloped in another world or dimension where everything was fine. He had a guide that exuded grace, warmth, and colorfulness. In this place, there are no sick people, no wars, and no rumors of wars. He was happy.
However, every good thing must come to an end. Although Eben didn’t want to return, he knew it wasn’t his time yet plus he had to let everyone know what he had experienced. As readers continue through the book, they realize one thing Dr. Alexander didn’t believe in was actually happening: His own near-death experience.


This story is about love, faith, and hope. Dr. Alexander not only gives his reader a glimpse into the afterlife from his near-death experience, he also lets the readers know to cherish their family while they still can. Anything can happen. It did for him. He is now a believer.

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