Heroes of the Pandemic – Monique Moore

The Lyfe Magazine recognizes the struggle many of us are facing during this time. We Would like to take a moment each week to recognize someone who is working and helping others during this stressful period.

Each week we want to honor someone, to let everyone know there are genuine heroes in the world!

This week we honor Monique Moore! Monique is the Director of Nursing of a Senior Care Facility

How long have you worked in this field?

I have worked in senior care as a DON or upper management since 1997. I was working as an LPN and my director at the time was so impressed with me she said as soon as we get your RN test results and you’ve passed as expected I will make you the Assistant Director of Nursing. From that day forward I have moved up the chain as management even holding a regional nurse position for 2 years.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

I must admit in all my years as a Director of Nursing and leading and directing staff in caring for the senior population this pandemic has been the most difficult time. I have always ran a building that focus on positive patient outcomes in their care as well as in their spirits. With the locking down of the facility and not allowing families and or ancillary staff in the building for almost 4 months now it is taking a real toll on the patients. Mental health affects all other aspects of their care. When patients go from having their loved ones visit daily , having entertainment almost daily to keep them active even having the ability to interact together with a fellow patient to nothing at all the only contact is with the staff caring for them and the roommate that is in their room of they have one. This kind of isolation or “social distancing” causes increase in depression, weight loss, increase in sickness and just feelings of loneliness and dread for our patients at that is hard on them and the staff.

Do you foresee anything good coming from the pandemic?

For those that I serve in the senior community I do not see anything positive coming from the pandemic. But as far as in general it has brought families closer, it has open staffs eyes and abilities to go outside the box with their task and their thinking to come up with more creative ways to meet the needs of the patients.

Do you think life in your field will go back to normal or have things changed forever? Please explain.

I do not believe things in general will go back to normal unfortunately and fortunately. What I mean by that is unfortunately we may be living with this particular virus annually but at a higher degree because of the rate and possibility of the spread of the virus. Fortunately, it has brought cleanliness and sanitizing of restaurants, offices, business and their individual cleanliness which is definitely a good thing for us all.

As far s specifically senior care I believe there will always be a change in regards to limiting the amount of traffic and visitation in the building, the assessment and screening of all visitors and staff for illness will be an on-going change in our industry in an effort to decrease the exposure of viruses and infection to the elderly population because of their vulnerability to these infections.

Do you think the lock down is working?

I do believe the lockdown is helpful, I believe that if we were able to truly lockdown the country, we may see the curve bend but unfortunately a true lockdown is not possible. There are still stores and business that needed to be open , deliveries that had to be made, warehouse workers that needed to work to fill the trucks that were being loaded with essential items that needed to be delivered. So yes I believe the lockdown bent the curve slightly but it did not decrease the numbers they hoped it will be.

What advice would you give people during this time?

Stay home, if you don’t have to go out don’t go which I know is very difficult for some. They are things going on in homes that people need to have an escape either to work or to play to get away from for their safety and sanity. If you have to go out wear your face covering when possible, if not possible practice social distancing. Please stop wearing the gloves everywhere you go. In healthcare we are taught to change our gloves after every task while cleaning and sanitizing our hands before re-gloving that is not what is happening. The same gloves are being worn through an entire store visit while touching everything including your face hair and purse. This is not helpful to the situation.

Monique Moore is the CEO of Parham LTC Consulting, LLC