Heroes of the Pandemic – Javarus Polite

The Lyfe Magazine recognizes the struggle many of us are facing during this time. We Would like to take a moment each week to recognize someone who is working and helping others during this stressful period.

Each week we want to honor someone, to let everyone know there are genuine heroes in the world!

This week we honor Javarus Polite! Javarus is a Mental Health Technician with 20 years of experience.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?
Trying to bring mental health awareness to the community so that the average citizen can display proactive behaviors (asking questions) instead of reactive behaviors (arguing, or fighting). We provide support to our patients who may be dealing with heightened anxiety, paranoia, and confusion due to the threat of COVID-19.
Do you foresee anything good coming from all of this?
People are becoming more familiar with universal precautions and infection control.
Do you think life will go back to normal or have things changed forever?
Yes, ignorance promotes fear. The more people know about the virus the less they worry.
Do you think the lock down is working, why or why not?
Temporarily, people were scared to come outside after hearing that the virus was airborne. When it was explained that it was spread similar to the flu people were outside a little more. The tragedy of George Floyd set the medical field back with cases increasing due to the lack of social distancing and universal precautions being ignored to protest.
What advice would you give people during this time?
N-95 masks have to be fitted and if you’re constantly touching the mask with your dirty hands or moving it to scratch your nose, eyes, or mouth you’re not safe.