Bourne Again

The latest in the series of Jason Bourne movies graced the silver screen this year and being a lover of spy/mystery movies I was excited.  I didn’t get to visit my local theater to see it so when it hit DVD I was on it.  I finally got to watch it today and needless to say I was disappointed.

The movie started with a punch…literally, but shortly after that you tend to realize that the action occurs periodically but in between its about as monotonous as it can be.  I found myself daydreaming about things I had to do rather than enjoying the movie.  That’s never a good thing.

I never like to read other reviews before I review a movie but I thought, “maybe it’s just me”, so I looked and Rotten Tomotoes gave it a 56 on their meter.  It wasn’t just me.  I think we have had enough of Bourne trying to find out about the Treadstone project.  What is it with Hollywood and it’s Jason’s?  We all know about Jason X, I just hope we’re not in for six more Jason Bourne movies.