Black History Story in the Making

Andrea Robinson
Andrea Robinson

Truly, it was a great day. When it was all over, one thing above all stood out to me. It was not the local and State dignitaries in attendance. Nor was it the media attention the event drew. It wasn’t the story of the family who traveled across country to surprise their loved one who was being honored. It wasn’t even the collective, outstanding accomplishments of the twelve men and women recognized as unsung heroes in our community. What resonated with me the most was one little girl’s admiration for her mother.

Andrea “Cookie” Robinson was nominated and selected as a Hidden Figure by the City of Tampa’s Black History Committee during its 34th annual celebration. When the program was over, all twelve honorees, their friends, families, and co-workers mingled in celebration of them. Pictures were being taken. Tears were being shed. Flowers were being given, and hugs doled out in generous supply. It was wonderful to see everyone being appreciated for the positive contributions they make to our local community, and some on a national level.

As I stepped up to congratulate Ms. Robinson, this sweet little being came near her as well. In amazement, her faint voice said, “Mommy you’re famous!” For the rest of my days, I will remember that moment. This little girl is too young to understand the importance of the work her mother does, but she is not too young to understand her mother being celebrated. As I will remember that moment forever, I am certain Andrea’s daughter will also.

Personally, I am extra grateful this year for the efforts of the City of Tampa’s Black History Committee. Their determination to acknowledge African Americans making a difference in Tampa allowed this little girl to see her mother honored. It allowed me to see the excitement in her eyes as she looked at her mother with an even higher level of esteem. That is what stood out to me the most.

From the look on the little girl’s face, giving honor when honor is due is a biblical principle which has a trickle-down impact!

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