krystal b. armstrong
krystal b. armstrong

In the Beauty Spotlight: Krystal B. Armstrong

krystal b. armstrong In the Beauty Spotlight: Krystal B. Armstrong

Krystal B. Armstrong is a professional makeup artist, certified herbalist, and owner of Andrelle’s Natural Skin Care. She is also a wife and mother of two, who loves all things beauty and has an extreme passion for giving the world healthy skin.

I first met Krystal in November 2016 at CLASS – a week-long, intensive workshop for beauty professionals in Portland, Oregon. I have to admit, I was a little intimidated by her spunky, no nonsense demeanor, however, by the end of the week I had learned that she is an amazing and successful makeup artist with a heart of gold (but still spunky)! I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Krystal to learn more about her and her brand – Andrelle’s Natural Skin Care.

The Interview

The Lyfe: How long have you been in the beauty industry?

Krystal: I have been in the beauty industry since 2009.

The Lyfe: Where are you located?

Krystal: I am located in the Greater New Orleans Area – Metairie, LA to be exact.

The Lyfe: What type of services do you provide?

krystal b. armstrongKrystal: Makeup Artistry specializing in bridal, red carpet and clean beauty, as well as Manufacturing Services of topical products made with all natural ingredients.

The Lyfe: Who is your clientele?

Krystal: Anyone who loves being pampered and glammed yet leave looking like themselves. Clean beauty is my specialty and I take pride in enhancing natural beauty by bringing forth my clients’ best features.

The Lyfe: When I met you, I was unaware you had your own skin care line. Since then, I have learned you have several products and your clients/customers have experienced dramatic results. What is Andrelle’s Natural Skin Care?

Krystal: Andrelle’s Natural Skin Care is a luxury skin care line made of all natural ingredients that deliver’s amazing results.  Our slogan is krystal b. armstrongMinimal Ingredients. Maximum Results.  That is what we deliver.

The Lyfe: Where did the idea (and name) for Andrelle’s Natural Skin Care come from?

Krystal: The name Andrelle’s is a combination of my two daughters’ middle names – Andrea and Angelle.

The Lyfe: How do your products differ from other natural brands available on the market?

Krystal: My credentials and passion – having a background in beauty and expanding that with a certification in herbalism. I research ingredients that will bring amazing results and build confidence in the process.  My passion keeps the line expanding and I have some great additions to add to the line that will help heal common skin issues from the inside out.

krystal b. armstrongThe Lyfe: Who should use Andrelle’s Natural Skin Care? Is it for both men and women?

Krystal: Andrelle’s is definitely unisex and we have had amazing results from both men and women.  Anyone who is looking for clearer, healthier skin is a candidate for our products.

The Lyfe: What results can someone expect from using your products?

Krystal: It would depend on the issue. Our products have been effective in clearing mild acne, eczema, and symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

The Lyfe: How many products do you currently retail?

Krystal: We currently retail thirty individual products and five packages available in two sizes.

The Lyfe: Are your products available for retail and wholesale purchase?

Krystal: Absolutely! We accept and are looking for new wholesale and retail clients.

The Lyfe: What can we expect from Andrelles for the remainder of 2017?

Krystal: Look for Andrelle’s in subscription boxes, major beauty events and gearing up for big moves in 2018.

The Lyfe: What’s next for Andrelle’s in 2018?

Krystal: Well, I can’t give out details just yet but let’s just say you may see Andrelle’s in major airports in 2018.

The Lyfe: I see big things are happening for Andrelle’s! For now, where can new customers find your products?

Krystal: Currently new customers can shop online only at

The Lyfe: Is there anything else you would like us to know about Krystal B. Armstrong and Andrelle’s Natural Skin Care?

Krystal: Yes, remember the names. The brands will be growing right before your eyes!

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