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11 Steps To Writing A Killer Bio

killer bio11 Steps To Writing A Killer Bio

So, you have been asked to submit your “bio” for a project? Well your bio, short for biography, is defined as ‘written history of a person’s life’. Let’s discuss 11 steps to creating a great bio; one that will impress.

In case you need a short bio, use three to four sentences in length but if you need a bio for a special event or publication you should complete a full bio.


Step 1: Write your bio in the third person.

Step 2: Put your name, title, credentials, business name, type of business and entity (LLC or corporation, or sole proprietor).

Step 3: Briefly put why. One sentence that summarizes why you do what you do.

Step 4: Add a problem that you seek to solve in life or speak about what fuels you.

Step 5: A brief history. Use the dip theory (dipping or deep diving). This is where you delve deep into your emotions and bring out the human side of you. This is not long in length. Speak about any challenges or obstacles you have faced in your life? No one is perfect, and that is okay. This should be a very brief statement that will connect you emotionally to the reader. Tragedies are often our springboards into something greater than ourselves.

Step 6: “Time to go high!” It is now time to share your highlight and things that you have accomplished, this is where you can brag on yourself, your awards, any recognition you received, and achievements.

Step 7: Advanced successes such as opening a business, or becoming an author, and/or speaker. This is the next level, and these are higher level accomplishments.

Step 8: There are certain professional organizations that you should be connected to within your profession. Always strive to learn, grow, and stay in tune to what the current events are in your chosen field. Keep your skills up, stay fresh and available to learn and use new content. It is suggested that you attend a conference every year; if not, go every three, to five years at the very least to stay abreast of new industry trends. Then, come back to apply that knowledge as well as share with others.

Step 9: Any contributions or collaborations are placed here. For example, if you’ve served as a freelance writer, add that information along with the specific projects you have worked on.

Step 10: Speak on your family, your hobbies and what it is that you love to do so people can connect with you outside of the professional arena. It will humanize you.

Step 11: The last thing you should add is your contact info. Your email, social media platforms and business phone number.


Michelle Greene Rhodes is a Health, Life, and Business Coach and you can connect with her at