Photo credit: Robertson Design & Photography

2020 – Love It or Hate It

Photo credit: Robertson Design & Photography

2020 – Love It or Hate It

Love it or hate it, the fact remains that 2020 was what it was. In many regards it was cruel and unrelenting. COVID-19 changed the dynamics of our lives for at least ten of the twelve months of the year. Isolation, social distancing, and face coverings became the norm, and still are to a large degree. The pandemic led to loss of employment, financial ruin, sickness, and even death in astonishing numbers.

COVID-19 would have been enough by itself. Unfortunately, there was more. Political Tom-Foolery (which made the rest of the world question our standing as the greatest nation on earth) showcased blatant hate and disregard for others from very influential political platforms.

We cannot forget the rampant social injustices we were forced to sit back and watch play out to disappointing ends.

None of these lend themselves to immediate thoughts of joy or happiness. The sum total of 2020 certainly seems to suggest it quite likely could be the worst year this generation has lived through. Yet, I can still say (and I pray and believe if you stop and look hard enough you’ll be able to say the same thing) 2020 contained blessings as well. If you’re reading this, you’re blessed with life which means there are still opportunities to create good and experience joy!

Personally, 2020 ushered me into a new season of life when I became a grandmother on April 28th. Due to COVID, we were robbed of all the fun, memorable, and traditional experience which come along with a new baby. There was no gender reveal party, no baby shower, no maternity photo shoot to capture the special time in my goddaughter’s life. But she was blessed with a healthy and very happy baby who has brought much joy to our family.

I hope you’ll take some time today to reflect on the good 2020 brought you.

Many of us started last year with goals, plans, a vision, and dreams of what we would accomplish in 2020. The pandemic, in particular, threw a massive monkey-wrench in all of our lives. None the less, some were able to persevere and see their goals through to the end. Congratulations if you are in that number! Most certainly there were obstacles you could never have imagined initially.

Life, as it was presented to us last year, may have caused some to go back to the drawing board and reevaluating their plans. Adapting to change was one of the great life lessons of 2020. If you are currently re-examining your plans in order to achieve goals, you are to be applauded for your ability to adapt.

For those who may be feeling frustrated because what you accomplished was a far cry from what you set out to do, take it easy on yourself. A familiar colloquialism you may recall is, “life happens”. In 2020, life happened in a major way. Take the opportunity this New Year to reassess but don’t give up!

Renewed hope and a fresh batch of possibilities come along with the New Year. Let’s make the most of it!