wild thoughts

Wild Thoughts w/DJ Khaled Feat: Rhianna

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Wild Thoughts w/DJ Khaled Feat: Rhianna

DJ Khaled is a well known record producer and has done it again! He has an Island flavor style to some of his music, and I just love it. Thewild thoughts music DJ Khaled produces, whether it be Hip Hop or R&B, is always jamming or (off the chain), no matter how old the songs are. In one of his interviews DJ Khaled said, “When I am determined to make something happen, I make it happen.” He produces music with some of the best artists collaborating on his tunes.

He has two songs at the top of the music billboards that are popping right now. The first song is called, “I’m the One” at number four on the Billboard, featuring a few artists such as Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne. What a nice collaboration!

Number One on Billboard

The other song is Wild Thoughts which is number one on the Billboard, featuring Rhianna and Bryson Tiller. When I say people in the streets are talking about the song “Wild Thoughts” they are really feeling this song. I first heard “Wild Thoughts” in Patterson Projects in the Bronx, and every step I made everyone was bumping this song.

People were literally dancing in the streets off of Wild Thoughts. The explicit version of this song is not for children. I have to say, in this bad to the bone diva song Rhianna is vibing out her sensual storms which will take you and your lover to a whole different level. Thanks to Rhi Rhi!  This is a great song. Keep making those hits Rhianna.

This song is very sensual and with the beat and collaborations between Rhianna and Bryson Tiller, it’is the hottest track ever! DJ Khaled keep up the good work on your beats and collaborations. We are out here feeling your music! Keep them coming.

NOTE: Our review is strictly of the clean version. We in no way support any other version of this song.