Why do sports athletes thank God and how every day individuals can relate to this.

Throughout our lives, we have all seen famous people on TV praise God and thank Him after they win an award or a championship in their given field. We saw this recently when Ravens star quarterback, Lamar Jackson, won the NFL’s MVP award, “First and foremost, I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without Him, nothing is possible.”

This is a common theme throughout sports and yes, the players God-given talent and work ethic help significantly to land them in the spots they are in, but they still thank God for their success. Could they just be humble? Some might think how can someone who is not a multi-million-dollar world class athlete compare and praise God in their daily life?

The reason why many sports athletes praise God after a big game or a big achievement has to do with their humility and belief that God has put them on this path and their belief in Him has gotten them there. Every single person on this Earth has been through some sort of trial and tribulation and sports athletes are no different. That is one way that normal Americans can compare to the athletes we see on TV. Through these tough times, we can stick to our beliefs and become stronger from it. Although how does one praise God in the same way these athletes do?

One of the main ways that everyday individuals can praise God and benefit from His blessings is through prayer. Prayer is the main way of establishing a relationship with God. When you pray, God listens. Many famous athletes and sports stars pray before every game or big match when the stakes feel like life or death,. Prayer can happen anywhere at any time. There is no limit on how much one can pray and there is no price on prayer.

The next time a famous athlete is on TV or social media praising our Lord and Savior, take a moment, be happy for them as God is doing wonders in their life and remember that you are just like them; a follower of Christ.

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